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airfield day

Airfield days are good and cheap, but full on all day track days on tracks such as Brands are really special, do cost alot more though, Brands £250 but they are well worth it

unless you go to castle coombe for one of CCCs action days..when its 20 quid a session....and top cars!
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Kemble is a very tight handling circiut thats verging on a kart track,its also VERY hard on tyres and to get super unleaded you have to drive all the way to Cirenceste.

Hullavinton is loads better with two long straights were you can give it welly :D, SUL is available just down the road.£79-cant go wrong!

BTW Ben, theres one "o" in combe ;)

172 Slayer

there were a couple o last time i was driving....LOL

o sh*t was more like it......some guy in a 50s style open racer decided to slow (alot) after avon rise......then cut across to the apex.....AIYEEE....twas close.

you goin again, be cool to meet.
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I cant believe you recommended a CCC day- lol

At the driver brieifing the intructor said £250,000 of damage had been done at Quarry this year and of that £240,000 was on the CCC day :)

They are nutters stay well clear

172 Slayer

slayer.....can u belive i cant afford 250 quid for donnington!!!

and sh*tty welsh tracks dont count.

as for CCC days, you get to see some top knobbers in top cars!!!

just make sure you go out at the end of the day when they have all hit something alrady.

saw loads of smashed cars....

I went to the last CCC action day and it was top day for little cash, compared to Brands or other major circuit track days. true there are alot of nobbers out there though, just need to be careful, someone wrote off a 911 before we arrived!!! For an intro into track days it is bery good, but best to take cheaper cars there as there are lots of idiots...the big track days have none of the baseball cap brigade as they cant afford them :)

BenR do you know if theres another one coming up??? action day that is??? was no mention in latest CCC