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alarm, central locking.

  307 hdi (powered by derv)

i wonder if someone can help me i have ordered a 1.2 16v clio dynamique with remote central locking and immobaliser. as an extra i have had an cat 1 alarm fitted. has anyone else had this done because what i want to to know is do they program the alarm and immobaliser onto the same fob, so when i close doors alarms sets and when open alarm deactivates, or do i have to have a fob for doors and another for alarm?.

yep, if it is the same alarm as they fit to the 172 (james p s imported 172 didnt have an alarm, he got the cat one upgrade from Renault leeds for £300) then you will simply push your plip button and it will lock and arm all at once. Even will relock after 90 seconds or so if you unlock the doors and walk away without opening the door. Sweet eh?
  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Clioman,

Ive had that done on past clios 1999 1.6 RXE (CAT 2), 2000 1.6 16v (CAT 1)post delivery. Both had the alarm operating via the central locking fob. BTW when I received my 2002 172 there was a CAT 1 alarm certificate in the folder, certifying fitment of my CAT 1 alarm in Teeside UK (that works via the fob too). Apparently all the UK clios are either fitted during import to the UK or at the dealers before delivery.
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yeah i got my 1.2 dynamique fitted with the system when i ordered it! Cobra CAT1 system mine is, integrated into same fob! Only problem i have is tryin to get the ultrasonics to disarm in summer when i leave windows and sunroof open! Now that its winter it does it all the time when i dont want it to.......LOL.....i got the upgrade really cheap as i bought the car end of march, when the dealer wanted to sell me it to increase sales numbers ;)
  Clio 1.6 16V


Think the alarms fitted to my old Clios were Cobra too. I have a couple o wee dugs (canine variety), so couldnt leave them in the car with ultrasonics armed. I vaguely remember having to switch the ignition on/off twice before shutting up and arming the system through the keyfob. Does this ring a bell? On my old 2000 1.6 16V, Reno had to adjust the alarm sensitivity down to minimum ..... otherwise a nearby fart in the wrong direction set it singing!