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Alarm disconected now hazards keep going off

  Clio 1999 1.6 automa
Hey yall, just looking for some help or advice and I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge😊

So I have a clio 1.6 automatic 1999,
All of a sudden my alarm started going off for no reason, my key thob doesnt work so in the end had the alarm disconnected.
A few months on and all of a sudden my hazards and imobiliser lights keep going off, even while I'm driving. I'm assuming this is somthing to do with the Alarm. Iv checked every door and the boot. I've disconnected the battery also and tried the fuses.

I dont no how but at the moment I've managed to turn it off but I no when I go to drive it, it'll happen again.

Also when I bought it we had loads of rain and I noticed the ceiling wet and behind the drivers seat. I've sealed my sun roof since and managed to clear the skuttle on drivers side and it's been ok so far.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys