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Alex's New liquid yellow r27

Looks awesome. Wish mine was this clean :( lol.

^ My insurance is £650 with direct line. 22, 4 years no claims.
  Rb 182 ff
Its not that clean very often haa, that's cheap ill have 4 years no claims in december ill have to get a quote with them.
Looks awesome mate.

How are the Recaro's holding up?

Tbh, I love the cup spoiler, and have one fitted on my 200. But, for me the R27 looks better without one.
  Rb 182 ff
Thanks :) they were sorted out already before i bought it so they like new, im not sure, ill post a pic with and without now.
  Rb 182 ff


Untitled by alexsmith27, on Flickr



Untitled by alexsmith27, on Flickr
  Rb 182 ff
Thanks, what's next then? haa, ermmm i don't know, thought it looked a bit plain without it there, was probably because at the time i didn't have the 'Renault Sport' one either.