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liquid yellow

  1. adamlstr

    A Liquid Yellow Thread (JDM content)

    A chap in the motherland that I follow posted these up, figured there'd be some appreciation in here.... Why do things look so much cooler with Japanese plates on?
  2. Sash

    Liquid Yellow 200EDC £8k Someone do a buy!
  3. estiaeye

    Few shots from Seelisberg Switzerland

    Few shots from the top of Seelisberg Switzerland as we actually did a shooting for merchandise. We as the "new young" generation are trying to step up our Instagram game for Renault Club Switzerland. If you guys d'like to support us... IG:
  4. A

    Liquid yellow 200, Sutton and huthwaite

    Not many Clio's around sutton in ashfield or huthwaite but I've seen this one two days in a row. Liquid yellow 200 on a 59 plate, are they on here? Would be nice to know some fellow owners around this end
  5. AcidicDavey

    AcidicDavey's Liquid Yellow 182!

    Hey all. Well well well, I went and bought a new car on Wednesday (08 June)! I put a note on said car I've had my eye on for quite a while, basically saying "I've got a 172, looking to buy a 182, would you consider selling yours?" Differently worded I admit but you get the message. Much to my...
  6. Sir Nancy Flowers

    Liquid Yellow 172 PH1

    Spotted a gorgeous PH1 172 in Liquid Yellow coming off the m27 going into Southampton, headed off Eastleigh Way. Had a private registration and the chap driving gave me a wave in my Iceberg 182.....If you see this or know who this is, let me know! I need a cruise buddy!
  7. Treadless

    LY 200t Crossing A1, Bramham, Leeds

    After nearly a year of 200t ownership myself I spotted my first ever wild one and it happened to be a lovely LY one crossing the A1 from Bramham on the Thorner road. Unfortunately I was doing 70 on the A1 beneath so didn't get too close a look or a chance to wave!.
  8. TomSmith123


    Just curious to know how many people have LY cars. Post a picture below and where you are from.
  9. R

    Liquid Yellow Touch Up Pen

    Right guys does anybody have any recommendations for a Liquid Yellow Touch up pen/kit? Called Renault yesterday and sadly they are NLA for the dealers :(. I'm on the look out for a 2nd hand one but finding one I'm guessing is going to be quite a struggle. Has anyone else used any different...
  10. R

    RS07 ACE ,LY Megane R26

    So after owning a supercharged 306 for a brief spell I decided to buy something a bit more modern yet fun. Always heard good things about the Megane R26 of friends who own/owned them so took the plunge and bought one. Just spend a rather ridiculous 14 hour road trip to pick said car up but I...
  11. Knuckles

    Ly r27 bath

    It's hardly worth its own thread but I gave the car its first proper wash of the year. I didn't do a write up as it was the same process as I always do; wash, decontaminate, glaze instead of polish because I don't have time to correct at the moment, wax and dress the trims. Proper...
  12. Jack!

    Liquid Yellow on non-Renault cars (LY appreciation)

    Anyone know of any other cars that aren't made by Renault that have been painted Liquid Yellow? Seems to be a colour that really suits a lot of cars: Exige S: Supra: Evo 8: S2000: VX220: M3: Leon: Civic:
  13. Gus

    Liquid yellow 197 BT07 M4 near Reading

    Keep seeing this car every morning on the M4 eastbound towards Reading. Anyone off here? Im in a petrol blue 182 BTW.
  14. J

    Liquid Yellow Clio 182 Near Oulton Park

    Seen waiting at the lights heading toward Oulton Park. Love that colour. I was in the white Esprit.
  15. D

    2 liquid yellow 1*2's m50 on friday

    Spotted 2 going south, I was going north. Possible one was @LiquidYellDan on his travels?
  16. ClioSport Saturday 2015

    ClioSport Saturday 2015

    Blyton Park - 1st August 2015
  17. sparklesTHEpony

    Liquid Yellow Matched Inlets, Throttle Body etc..

    So I enquired about these to a guy I found on the Internet. Wanted the whole works (Ported, Matched & Gasflowed inlets, Fuel rail guard & Enlarged Throttle Body) all painted in my choice of "Any colour" Whilst I recently bought my first 182 in BG Project thread here...
  18. Samv96

    Liquid Yellow 200 Southend

    Saw a beautiful Liquid Yellow 200 behind me coming up to the roundabout along Prince Avenue, anyone on here? Looked very clean! :cool:
  19. fangled

    Liquid Yellow V6

    Spotted going over the North Circular at Colney Hatch Lane near Tesco's. Sounded lovely and looked like new!
  20. Cropper

    Liquid Yellow 200 Welsh Road/queensferry

    Spotted you going past the mini garage on the way to North Wales. Loving the colour and the CL10 plate aswell!
  21. T

    Trimited - 03' Clio RS172 - Liquid Yellow

    Hey guys... Now that i sold my dCi, i went to buy my ''new'' car. Clio RS172, January 2003. Got it with 114980km (+- 71 447miles). It will be my daily car, for now, one day, maybe it will be my weekend car hehe. It's color is Liquid Yellow, and it has 182's wheels painted in anthracite...
  22. TRH_Racing

    Liquid yellow 197/200 (?) Rickmansworth

    i can never tell the difference! parked up in millend .. clean as hell, i think you work at renault (?)
  23. Jimbob 2705

    Liquid Yellow @ The Crown, Pantygelli - J44 EYM

    Spotted this at The Crown @ Pantygelli Had Cliosport seat covers, Anyone on here?
  24. deano9621

    liquid yellow 182

    just spotted a liquid yellow 182 on ebay for £2500 or best offer if anybody is looking for one;)
  25. iacabu

    Liquid yellow 200t - Poulton-le-Fylde

    Recently seen it parked up a couple of times on Ball Street, looks fantastic. Always used to notice your ly 182 too, before I ever thought of having a Clio.
  26. StuOwen86

    Liquid yellow 14 plate Clio M6 South about 8:30 pm

    Seen this car with someones missus in the passenger seat (wasn't perving was looking at the car lol)
  27. josh11490

    Liquid yellow 182 - Heads of the valley Ebbw Vale > Brynmawr

    Can't think of username but okay began with S10? Was in my dads mk4 red driving school Clio, M4 Motoring.
  28. TRH_Racing

    Friends old Liquid Yellow phase 2 - how rare?

    Im pretty sure it was a 182 .. That's my guess at the moment anyway. My friend sent me a few pictures of her boyfriends old clio .. first seeing the LW paint and then seeing it had climate control and built in satnav .. how many of these where made?!
  29. Sherrington

    Liquid yellow 182, Wessington Way, Sunderland

    Around 5pm today heading from the A19 roundabout towards Sunderland
  30. Deerhound

    Liquid Yellow 197

    Seen today at 2.30pm near Ikea!