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All the fun this summer - videos!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Here are a few videos from this summers events, kindly hosted by Roamer. They should all play in windows mediaplayer without the need for codecs etc. (22Mb - broadband only!!) This one is a lap of the South-West circuit at Bedford Autodrome shot by Val. Its an out-lap so not that quick, totally out-braked myself at the end of the back straight, and gave it far too much gas coming into the pit straight towards the end. (2.2Mb) A Ferrari F355 doing a max-speed run down the main runway at Heyford airbase. Shot at the Motorsport Events driving academy. Turn up the volume it sounds great. (2.3Mb) Roamer doing the same down the runway at Heyford, and.... (2.3Mb) Desmondo doing the same thing. (1.7Mb) A TVR doing the oversteer exercise at Heyford - he gets it totally wrong and ends up in our part of the airfield. Then Roamer arrives not expecting a TVR travelling in the opposite direction, and it almost ended in tears, but not quite.

Hope to get more of this stuff at York next week.


the last one, i thought it would be a tvr spining all over the shop......but i dont get what happened...did he turn down teh wrong bit?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

He was meant to stick to the inside of the corner - the idea was to get the car to oversteer. He finished up (1) on the outside, (2) 150 yards further than he should have travelled before turning! I actually took the camera from my eye at the last moment cos I thought they were going to collide!

Superb mate ! Things like this make this board great ! Quality ! (I gotta stop saying QUALITY ! It seems to be all the kids can say these days !)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


This is going to be great for york as well and we can see what we have done wrong so we can correct it next time.

BTW I have just bought a 240v invertor for the car so I can charge the camera batteries up at york drag strip !

He he!! I got to get that exhaust sorted! It sounds wisper quite when you compare it to the 355!

And to use the term again just for Daipac "Quality"

Quality Mate !

Going to be great to have all the videos from York too ! Might be worth getting my own Digi Camcorder, they are not too expensive anymore.

Dave, its me going toward the TVR, coming back down from the slalom, then suddenly it was bugger - a tvr!!!!! hehehehe all good fun though.

Ill have my camera mount (same on the 4car uses - solid as a rock) with me @ york, so anyone who wants to use it can..... Im going to see if I can find a mounting spot where you can see the speedo as well as the windscreen... - Any ideas anyone? (It has to be mounted on glass btw.)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I was looking at the SONY DCRPC101 which is around £850. I went into the Sony centre and had a look at one and it is titchy but very powerfull. Records onto DAT tape and also has a memory stick to take still pictures. Had a million and one functions and it was all touch screen. I will get one but I will wait maybe until it reaches £750 cause it has come down about £150 in 6 months.