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Alpine ADC-9833R

  Silver 182 F/F

Decided to get the Alpine stereo,did a local ring round for price from ICE agents in the yellow pages they all quoted me £349 but when i asked them to match internet prices of around £299 nobody would match it and told me to buy off authorised Alpine dealers only,and stay clear from interent dealers.


Does anyone know a dealer in west yorks area who will do a good price

Should i save some money and get it off the internet,or get it localy and grt the dealer service

Plus theres one on ebay new £244,could this be a later model or noy UK spec,do i need to look out for anything

And finally want to hook it up to the Ipod KCA-420,anybody got any experience off these.

  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

like i said on another post my local autorised dealer wanted £449 for the 9831r plus ipod interface.

i got it for a total of £267 off ebay brand new boxed total delivered.