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Alpine Bluetooth Unit.

  White Sti Hatch
Anyone know whats the newest version of the units, Looking at upgrading to the X305S and have found two deals at the same price but with two different versions of the Bluetooth module one is the 250BT and the other the 400BT so witch is the better of the two and what one will work with my Desire HD ?
  Vauxhall Frontera
Hiya BioHzrd.

Both units SHOULD work with your phone and there is an update facility so both current models (250bt and 400bt) are fairly future proof.

The differences between the 2 units are as follows: There is an additional connector on the 400bt which allows the connection of an iPod if there is no dedicated USB iPod connector on the head unit. The 400bt also has a bluetooth music streaming function.

So I would suggest that if my memory is correct and you have a USB cable for your iPod and you don't intend to stream music via bluetooth from any other device get the 250bt!

Hope that helps

Sound quality was improved on the 400bt which never seem to be matched on the 250bt regardless of what updates were done, stick with the 400bt