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alternative amp mounting locations

  Clio 172 MK II

If you want to put it in there put one or two fans, otherwise it is possible for amp to overheat

I had a small amp under the seat in my Punto for years - no probs with overheating, but the passenger seat was so high off the ground that it wasnt really going to be an issue...

Ive mounted my amp in the Clio by ziptieing it to the rear of the backseats (make small holes in the backing material, wrap zipties around the poles in the seatback and threaded them through the screwholes in the amp). Easiest way IMO.

I had an amp under both my seats in my valver - i bolted them through the floor!! no one was gonna get to them!!!

1 amp had no fan, one had a built in fan - no issues at all!!
  E87 118i

I have a 2 channel Lightning Audio amp under passanger seat (mk2 ph1) no fan no problems, plenty of space above it to the seat (remember to take out the plastic tray)