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always going backwards...... (repairs)


When i began looking to buy my 16v all i ever wanted was to have a mint standard clio 16v.

I have owned this one since march last year it had 70k on the clock when i bought it body work was tidy was in pretty good nick for its age, me and a couple of mates spent a good couple of hours going over it.

I have had quite alot of repairs done on it over the last year even jobs that didnt need replacing like clutch cable, brakes etc just so it would feel that little bit newer.

Within this year of owning it some arseholes have crashed into the front of it when it was parked now it needs a new front bumper, grill and the plastic bit which runs under the headlamp. Im still waiting for insurance to sort it out, which to be honest i dont think i will get anything due to the lack of co-operation from the party responsible. ( its been a year and they still havent got his details)

Ive had it keyed on the boot and down the side and now a couple of door dents on 1 rear 1/4 panel.

Im convinced the wrong springs are on my car due to the cowboys who changed them for after market ones.( just seems higher as if they were ordanary clio springs)

To me now it just seems completely tatty and would need even more money spent on it to get it to the standard that it was when i first bought it like a full respray, alloy wheel refurb, suspension overhaul......

Since ive bought it all i seem to have done is have it in the garage if only for little things. Im now pissed off that i keep spending money on it and im gonna need at least a grand minimum to get it how i want it.

Everyday i think that i could just get a new car and a big loan at least ill have the warranty and the joys of the new car.

Ive done nearly 80k and i dont think i can be botherd to spend more money on a car thats this old, buy the time i get that sort of money together i have to say to myself is it really worth it im quite literally throwing 1000s of pounds away, spending spending spending.........

It feels like i havent had to chance to proprely enjoy it and ad subtle mods as ive always wanted.

Sorry to bore you all with my life story but this is just what plagues my mind every day!!!!


right. get in it, go out. give it a raggin. and you wont want to sell it... i almost thought the same when i totalled my front end. even yo the point of fixing it up then sellin the soddin thing. but once it was back on the road. i forgot what i missed and now would not sell it at all! its way too much fun and worth the hassle it can give!! - ive had nothing wrong now for half a year! so they can be good.. just a case of gettin em sorted out.

Yeah these cars are highly mantenence intensive but the fun and noise the car makes is great and does make up for small parts and little jobs that need doing.

Just to make you feel better, mine is currently off the road as well!
  williams and trophy

hehe thats how my old valver was getting .

so i did the best thing i could come up with at the time lol

yep ...i bought a williams lol

in the 2 years i had the valver i hardly spent any money on it , but it needed lots spending on it to get it how i wanted it. pooled the money i had for the mods sold the valver n bought the willy .

wot a good move that was

ive had the willy a year now and the only thing thats needed replacing is the front springs which is all par for the course i reckon..........its been off the road for a couple of weeks now , but with the avos doing their thing on the susp front it handles even better than it did before without becoming any harsher over the bumps. i wouldnt swap my clio for anything , even a new car, cos new cars still have to visit garages a lot

mate, im in the smae boat as you - got my RT about 4months ago, it was in pretty good nick apart from little niggly things like the alarm didnt work, splitter bent, lights blown, etc.

anyway, i got it all sorted, and after two weeks my mum reversed into the door. then, a month later, a lorry drove into me on the a2 (we were both stationary) and the arsehole claimed he couldnt see me so it was my fualt (WTF?!). that was in december, and its now march and ive heard nothing from the insurance company.

...then, over christmas i skidded in the ice and slammed my NEW alloy into a kerb, busting the lower arm, BOTH front bearings, the alloy. at this point i wanted to just go and burn the b**ch becuase it is in a worse state than when i bought it!

but i got the mechanical stuff sorted, gave her a service and got her mechanically A1 - the only thing is the fat dent i still have on the body, but im determined to get it looking how i want it!

keep in there mate, youll regret it if you bin it.

ps 80k aint that old if you know the engine and box are getting looked after