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Am bored

  clio v6

i like the grille.....

[Edited by clarkiev6 on 03 April 2005 at 6:14pm]

could do with a chrome tail pipe .......
  K9 EVV

i will get a 172 grille very soon i promise... my mud flaps are getting painted black to....
  K9 EVV

its a dvla c**k up.. it was rerigstered in march 04 , it was a irish car, it should be a 51 plate. iam confused wid it...
  K9 EVV

coilover all the way mate.. am pleaz just need a new grille. and my widows tinted and some smoked incidators
  Clio 172 Cup

Looks nice. I have always thought that those grills would look better sprayed up in the same colour of the car.
  K20 EG Hatch

nice one on the coilovers! will be my first proper mod AGAIN. How far did you wind em down cuz looks low but dunno if it is as low as what mine was?:devilish: