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Am I the only one

Hi, was just wondering am I the only mature woman clio nut?? I am 33 and have met very few women my age who r into performance cars, they look at me as if Im some sort of alien creature when I get excited by cars!!!! With the exception of my little sister who owns a fully loaded 106 gti, she regularly comes to droll at my Clio 172 mk2!!!! :D
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No your not the only one. kis172 is mad about her Sunflower Yellow MK1 172, and there are a few other women on here that like fast cars.

well, as far as it goes, it is a rare breed, and many women are more into teh cute and cuddle looks of a car...if its midly or very powerful its coencidece....but im sure GR will clip me behind the ear for saying that.

but women interested purely in performance are rare, lou who has a fezzy willy (oooeer...haha) is one i would think.

Dont say your old my missus will do her nut! Your as old as the bloke you feel and as im only 22 that makes her a lot younger!

Oh, she hates my car. She has just taken delivery of a Mini Cooper as its "cute"

Cant live with em, cant kill em...

Id like her to be a bloke for ten minutes so I could give a her a good smack round the chops!

Ooppss, did I say that out loud?

Ok! OK! seems to be a patern emerging here!! Sangy; Be careful what you wish for and all that.......just hope you dont get a call from Jerry Springer:devilish:

Sorry, got a habit of flying off on a tangent!

I love women really, just couldnt eat a whole one.

Remember also that being interested in cars is quite an aphrodisiac, my mates bird (i mean lady friend) likes her cars and hes smitten as a result!

Yeah, my blokes quite impressed....until I leave him standing in his MGZS180..hes now looking at a Scooby to get his own back!!! I DO think that the Mini is the cutest car Ive ever seen...thats why I chose the clio!!!!;)

tell him not to jump on the scooby bandwagon and get something original like an S3 , they are lovely.

you only have to look at nick reads interview with Vicky Butler-Henderson to see how men drool at a girl who knows her cars!
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S3 isnt fast enough, he would still have problems beating a 172, Scooby is much better value and can be a lot quicker.

can handle ok for what it is!

i hate 4wd.......but if you do get on that jap turbo 4wd getup...then an evo has far more potential than a scoobster......which cost alot to get even 1/2 the power of an evo....