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Amplifier and CD player upgrade question

  Mini JCW
Right as my system currently stands I have :

PS3 - Performs BR, DVD and CD duties atm
Quad 11L2 Front speakers - Bi-Amped using the front channels and unused channels 6 and 7
Quad L-Ite rear speakers
Arcam AVR-280 Amplifier
Atacama Nexus Speaker stands
Chord bi-wireable speaker wire, silver coated.

The amplifier, speakers and accessories were all bought at the beginning of the year, however I have always felt the Arcam doesn't have enough 'impact' for my liking.

Therefore I am looking at upgrading the amplifier and at the same time adding a CD player.

My amplifier budget is about £800 max and I have the following choices :

Regarding CD player : I have no idea whats a good choice, although I would have thought CA or NAD would be ideal?

Any help?