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Another first attempt with first camera post

Thanks to Aluco i should be posting pictures now.

Still not too sure what im doing so all ive been playing with at the moment is the aperture.

All feedback and tips would be great.







Thanks for looking.
Also a big thanks to Chris for the camera.
Thanks for the comments

The black cat was hard, a good bit of sun light helped there, had a few more of him but they were not as good. Hard to get definition where hes black, and he wont stay still!!
Great photos although try and get the key parts of the subject in, the cat with a missing ear doesn't make a good composition. Same with the flower missing the top bit.
  306 GTi-6
Set the camera on focus-lock if possible, so you can lock your focus to cats eyes, or those pears in the tree before you take the picture. (Focal point does not have to be image-center)