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another help plea

  mk2 172

to cut it short i just nailed the car in first and second and at about 40 it pulled like fuk over to the right for no apparent reason, it felt like all the cars power wanted it to pull right???

anyone hazard a guess??
  clio 20v

id hazard a guess u need to stop caning ur car mate, lol ,i think its tryin to tell u summat, had enough of all them races it cant take it any more!!!
  clio 20v

probably will as well just tryin to giv u a little warning, r u sure it didnt see a little cute girly car on the other side of the road and wanted a bit of action

I nailed it yesterday racing a bmw and it pulled well over the to the left- i think its called torque steer or something.
  mk2 172

hehe, torque steer from 40-60, unless i hit a divet, bloody council letting maintenance contracts to the lowest bidder.............tut
  mk2 172

spose i best test it before i go meet nick, chances are well have a little race, lets hope he doesnt want to use any gas on me!

if your car is pulling in a direction. id check your tracking.

theres more, but its late and i cant be assed writing sorry!

ah Craggy dood - respect ..

sounds like a wheel was slipping then suddenly caught some grip...

bout time ya got an LSD.. or SOME lsd lol..

if it drives ok now.. dont worry about it.. probably just the road surface

ps.. the turbo will be coming to yet soon... when do you want one on the willy ???..


If Im accelerating off the mark and the surface isnt smooth/Im not holding the car on a good line - then it wobbles like crazy. Yep, its called torque steer I think!

I think it feels fab once youre used to it!!

It certainly isnt due to any mechanical bits going wrong on my car - as theyve all been replaced in the last 10k miles (apart from engine block, alternator and shocks!!).