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Another one!?

  C1 VTR (Company Car)
Another coolant leak?!

When I got my car it had a coolant leak, which turned out to be thermostat housing, so I replaced the whole thing (thermostat & housing). So yay problem solved... Well I went out to my car this morning to see this. Coolant dripping off my engine mount.


Anyone know what this could be? And how major is it? (btw it's drivers side, just behind the front wheel.

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  C1 VTR (Company Car)
Yeah it's blue and smells like it :p

I thought it could have been the waterpump, I hear it's quite an expensive garage job? :(
On a 1.4 yes as its timing belt driven! so belts off new waterpump and i would advise new belts go on.