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Another problem with yet another cat?

  Mondeo diesel barge
I need some advice. Recently fitted a cat back on the 182, was replacing a sports cat that was fitted with the new exhaust. The sports cat was causing the exhaust note to be a bit louder, not what I was after. So I bought another cat from here, looked to be in good condition. Was fine after it was fitted, but now anytime I put my foot down it sounds like a swarm of angry bee's, please tell me this isn't meant to be case :rasp:

I had this same problem when I first bought the car. As I was driving it home, this noise started to appear, didn't like it so went off to the garage to get them to have a little look. They took the cat off and there was a lage hole on the flange of the cat, put the decat on and all was good. So now I'm in the same situation I was before, have I broken another cat? :rasp:
  Mondeo diesel barge
Yeah it sounds the exact same as it did when i had the first cat on my car, big hole in that one. Well looks as though I'll try getting this one welded. Can't believe that's 2 cats i've went through, same problem with both :cool:
  Black Gold Trophy
It may be that it's just not sealed properly with the cat back system... even if there's a hole in it, just a case of welding it up.
  Mondeo diesel barge
Cheers guys, I'll try and take a look at it over the weekend, just need to find a welder now.