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Any body ever used


ClioSport Club Member
Never used it but a few on here have I believe and seem to like it, Only thing I've used is Tardis.
They make some very good products, although I have never used their glaze myself.

Tardis, G101, SmartWheels and Biobrisk are all high on the consideration/advice list in their relevant classes in my eyes.


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
used loads of their stuff over the years, unless you're a cleaning, sorry, valeting snob you'll be fine with it;)
  Honda & VW
Much like JD I rate and regularly use Tardis, G101 and Brisk. Much like any make though some products will be better than others but equally a lot can be crap compared to similarly priced products
  turbo 182
Tango is a great product also can be used for a variety of jobs and also platinum polish is a very good AIO