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Any cup owners

As I have left Uni and will be soon entering the world of work (uurgh yuk) one of the first things I will be doing is changing my car.

I have read loads of hot hatch tests in mags and keep coming back to the cup because its fast and its such value for money.

The thing is (and I dont want to sound like a dick) but I dont know if I will be able to handle all the power.

I am 22 and since passing my test in 1998 I have owned a 1.4 corsa and a 1.4 clio, not exactly performance cars

The fact that the clio doesnt have things like traction control and even ABS worries me a little as Im not experienced with fast cars and dont want it to catch me out.

What do people think? I know it would be easy to say just drive it carefully etc but lets be honest, its meant to be driven hard, or else thered be no point buying a hot hatch.

Cheers for any input



If your not used to ABS then it isnt much of a worry, you should already be used to breaking gently. I think its more worrying when people try to drive cars fast that are not designed to handle it.

The cup handles beautifully and as long as you can control your braking you should have no problems, just make sure you get used to it first.

First thing to do is make sure you can insure the damn thing!

I think your local to me so if you want to meet up sometime, let me know!



"The thing is (and I dont want to sound like a dick) but I dont know if I will be able to handle all the power."

That statement alone indicates to me that you will have no problems with it. What worries me is when people state how fantastic they are on the road. Thats when you sound like a penis.

Youll be fine.

As others have said, you sound pretty clued up and the fact you are thinking about it is good!

If you were still worried, why not consider a normal 172? You can pick up an import for a touch over the price of a Cup from a UK dealer, and you get all the safety features and creature comforts. Same car but a little bit heavier, but still no massive performance difference once running