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  1. M

    Fitting Cup Spoiler to non Cup spoiler pack 182

    Hi Team, Bit heartbroken at the moment. I bought a 182 Cup pack spoiler for my non Cup pack spoiler 182, had it shipped all way from the UK to NZ. Whipped the old one off plugged the new one in and the brake light isn't working... I did some reading on forums beforehand and I understood this...
  2. Zsolteen

    X85 cup racer ecu

    Hello everyone. I got this message out of the blue. VERLOG-ACTIVE (SOFTWARE LOCK ENABLED) and the car won't start since then. does anyone know why this happened? or how to 'delete' this error?
  3. Tomleech

    AG 200 Cup - value??

    I’ve been approached by someone who wants to buy my car. It’s a 2009 Alien Green Cup with 77k and FSH. It’s immaculate… got Recaros, loads of work done recently and some nice upgrades are fitted… Akrapovič exhaust, Bilstein suspension, Ktec induction and remap, Michelin Cup 2’s, retrimmed...
  4. PerthRS

    Underside of Spoiler pictures please

    Hi squad. Just purchased a clio v6/trophy spoiler from the Renault sport store. Found a disparity between the sample pictures on the website and the one I have received. It seems there are 2 red dowls(?) That are...
  5. L

    Clio rs200 cup silver

    Hello, how much of each colour cup chassis was made(rs200) as I'm buying a full fat cup in silver in the week and just curious?
  6. B

    Clio Cup spoiler 3rd light

    Does any know know if the Megane coupe light fits the cup spoiler? My light is bust and it's impossible to find a replacement. The code for the coupe light is 7700838577 Thanks in advance
  7. T

    What have I bought?!

    Evening all. I bought a 2010 RS last month. Today i looked at the door moulds and realised they were ‘wrapped’ in black. I took them all off and now they are stock AIbi blue. I’ve been reading up on the cup packs and what differences there are. Mine had the Albi blue / Anthracite wheels (now...
  8. PerthRS

    Has anyone purchased from the official Renault Sport shop?

    Hello squad, I'm on the look out for some new/restored Clio 1*2 Turini's and came across the renault sport store. Where you can buy some CUP spec wheels (ET38.5, Image attached below). I owned a TROPHY set (ET45) for my old 182. So I know what geniune wheels look like (image attached below)...
  9. C

    Please Help find me an rs200.

    Hello I am new to cliosport and am on the look out for a Clio cup/cup packed rs200. I want something not too modified and preferably low mileage with FSH. Can anybody Point me in the right direction I don’t want to be paying over the odds. I’m excited to try out the cup chassis. Thanks in advance.
  10. G

    Clio Cup Race Car Mk1 for sale

    Hello fellow Clio rs fans! I have somewhat of a forgotten gem for sale, the very 1st Clio rs in history. Registered in week 50 of 1990, this was made a year before the road car went on sale. A genuine RS Factory race car with less than 22,000 miles, an MOT and even the factory Renault Clio Cup...
  11. F

    Wheel lug nuts specs OZ F1 CUP 16

    Hi, So I got some new set of shoes for the car, and went ahead with some 16” OZ F1 CUP ET37 The thing is the guy I bought them from forgot one lug nut I cannot for the life of me find the specs for them, anyone of you got the same wheels and know them and where to buy them from ? I kinda know...
  12. F

    Steering 'notchy' turning right only

    Hello! My 172 cup steering has become 'notchy' with intermittent resistance turning right. Left is absolutely fine. It feels very odd. I've recently had the gearbox out, so had the subframe dropped down. My uninformed guess is that the rack might be damaged. Anyone else experienced anything...
  13. R

    New to Clio Sport - Just picked up a 182 FF

    Hi, new to this forums and Clio’s in general. Having just picked up this 182 with a very good history of services and parts, I’m just looking to see if there are any good people/company’s on here to keep in mind when buying parts/cosmetics for the car? Also, anyone recognise it? Had a lot of...
  14. S

    Searching for my old 172 Cup

    Hi guys, this is a long shot but I’m trying to track down my old 172 Cup, registration L999SCW. I sold it about 10 years ago when it picked up a major engine fault and I didn’t have the money to put it right. I’ve done a check and it was MOTd this year but currently SORN and after a bit of...
  15. F

    My 172 kangoo cup

    Hi guys, so ive just bought this 172 kangoo cup, seems pretty good for what i paid but is not perfect Was building my own andd got about half way through it but being a farm contractor has made it hard to spent lots of time working on it so bit the bullit and bought one already done Will post...
  16. F

    Clio a name in my life

    Hi everybody, Nice to see this website around the clio. I drove as every day car clio 16s MKI, Williams MKI, MKII, RS MKI and a clio RS MKII "S"... That was years ago, but I have one of them, and I hope use again soon, but have no time to put in order, so, long time without running. I am...
  17. Manmr94

    Fuelling problem clio 182

    Hi, when i try fuelling my car the fuel nozzle do not run ok, i have to do too slow because it is faster i cannot keep trigger pressed and then i have to press and unpress a lot of time. Has somebody any solution?.thanks.
  18. RacingBeaut

    Clio 182 Cup Racing Blue

    Hello, first time posting as a new member. Recently I decided that I wanted to return to something cheaper to own. Having driven my brother's Clio 172, the decision was made. I purchased the car in November, from a gentleman near Gainsborough. The car was being sold on behalf of his son, who...
  19. sava001006

    Sav's Clio 182

    Hello all, I've been a long time member but not posted on here since selling my Clio DCI back in 2012. But I'm back. I'm an avid track day goer that has a boosted MK2 golf all sent up for track day's. I've recently been over to the ring and the car just didn't have a good time, over heating etc...
  20. estiaeye

    3rd Breaklight Cup Spoiler Clio 172

    Hello Folks Im in urgent need of a 3rd Breaklight for the Cup Spoiler for a 172. I was able to order a Cup spoiler through CM Composites. Super happy with their service. There is just a small issue.. I dont have a 3rd Breaklight for it. Renault does not Produce them anymore / Its not...
  21. Z

    Mk3 Clio sport 192 Spoiler

    Hi there im looking for a spoiler for my Mk3 Clio sport 192. Anyone got any suggestions? Thank you
  22. Captain Hat

    EMS recommendations

    Right, so. My track car, a Clio 172 Cup, has stopped responding to throttle input. In addition, it's started idling a little high- about 1900 RPM- and quite rough. I've checked the pedal box, and that works. I've checked the throttle body, and that works. I've checked the wiring, and while I...
  23. G

    172 Cup cold start issue.

    So I picked up a 172 cup to be used as a track / weekend fun car. It runs great except right after a cold start it takes a couple of minutes before it's driveable as it stutters a lot when it's cold. It does have a decatted exhaust which I think may be part of the issue, is there any way to...
  24. RS200-TB

    My First Clio RS

    Hi guys So after an extremely long 3 years of persuading and saving the time has come for me to finally go ahead and buy myself an RS. I had been driving passed one on my way to work everyday and it was always staring at me as I went passed so last Friday I decided to go and have a proper look...
  25. LukeSi

    Luke's 172 Cup Track Car (And also daily because I can't afford a daily)

    Only just realised I've never done a build thread for my current 172 Cup so thought it would be rude not to. Had one back in 2014 which was actually quite a nail so ended up selling it on. Since then I've had an MR2 Turbo and a Skoda Fabia VRS which became my only car when the MR2 blew up. I...
  26. James363

    Cup Racer Uniball holders

    Hi, I work as a CAD Engineer at a reverse engineering company Crosthwaite and Gardiner (as proof of competence, we've all seen some suspicious suspension components). I am looking to produce some cup racer style uniball holders, matching the original geometry of a 1*2 ball joint. This will...
  27. Vivek

    Inferno Spring Pics

    Pictures of my Inferno, don't really post often, more of a forum lurker. But the sun was out today so grabbed a few pics. Don't think the S7 Edge Camera does it justice, will probably post again when I have access to something better!
  28. G

    Project Car

    Thought I should introduce myself.. I'm Scott from Leeds and I've just bought this 182 with a mate as a project, we might fix it up and sell it on or use it as a track car. I know nothing about these cars so any info you can give me on what I've bought would be much appreciated.. 2004 with 60k...
  29. Darren61

    Project Inferno

    Having owned a few RenaultSports over the years (including a LY R26, Titanium 182 and my current daily a 175 DCI) I decided that this year I would get myself a 'toy' for track days (living in Silverstone is also quite handy for this). I knew it had to be a 172/182 and since January I had been...
  30. dane0

    Cup splitter

    Hi I've had a quick search and no joy. How can you tell if a cup splitter is a genuine one as I smashed mine and looking to buy second hand and don't wana pay over the odds for a cheap one like a fabia etc