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Any itunes experts? (PC)

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I've just bought a new ultrabook to replace my old laptop. I backed up my old itunes media to an external HDD, but I can't for the life of me get itunes to read my library from there!

The ultrabook doesn't have a huge SSD so I was hoping I could just leave my media library on the external HDD and plug it in when I wanted to access it. Can anyone tell me whether this is possible or not and if so how I go about doing it?

In itunes I've tried changing the itunes media file location (via edit, preferences, advanced), but no joy.


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I would probably....

Delete everything out of your iTunes.. obviously leaving the originals on the ext-HDD (unplug it from the PC if needs be).. check the settings in iTunes to make sure it does not copy files to the iTunes library*.

Plug the ext-HDD in .. drag one song/album into iTunes. It should add it in, referencing the external location.

If that works, add the rest in the same way.

* like this:

Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 18.28.15.png

Your default iTunes location is for when you copy new stuff in. Either make that the ext-HDD or just leave it be at default as there won't be much/anything in there anyway.
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That's worked very nicely thank you! Much appreciated. Won't be long before CS replaces Google permanently.