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any one from the essex area got pics

  clio rs
  LY 200
Ahhh nice one mate...Nice to see its still about and looking nice after all these years.

Nice little car that was.
  Evo 6, E92 320d
I did alot of tidying up to it when i got it, it was a bit of a mess, and the paint is terrible atm, tried my new udm on the wing yesterday and it came up like new:).
  LY 200
As far as i remember it was pretty tiptop still when he let it go mate but it must be like 4 years ago now......I suppose like all cars its aged abit since then or been neglected abit.

Steveos one of my oldest and best pals and i know he used to keep that car tip top as he does all his cars. Like i say good to see that its still running though and hasnt been binned. :)
  BMW 1 Series
here's my 1.2 (the one on the right) with my mates 1.2 extreme
sorry for the shocking picture quality, it was a rainy day in hylands park

Hope to see you guys rolling about near chelmsford!
  LY 182
had no idea you had Azevs. Love your car just that little bit more now :D (my favourite wheel EVER ;) )
cheers mate, same.. we get a 6l twr jaguar xjs in regular with them wheels loved them since.

compomotive mo's are up there too!

couldnt pm me a few pics of the SX could you mate.. im after one ;)