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Any one stuck a panel filter in the wash

  172 Cup

I know you can wash the Pipercross panel filters but as it came with no intstructions I dont fancy chucking it in with me jeans.

If anyone has washed it can they pass on any advice?
  mk2 172

i washed mine in the sink with normal washing up liquid about 3 times cos it was well and truly sh*tted up, then rinse thoroughyly and leave to dry. have you got the retention spray for after you washed it? saying that iv got some but forgot to use it when i put mine back in

  H22A7 Accord Type R

LMAO! they have to be washed n oiled wi special stuff. Dunno about the foam filters but i bought a K&N filter cleaning kit for my jetex. the oil spray is a PINK dye (spelling) so its turnin ma blue jetex pink lol, looks cool
  172 Cup

"they have to be washed n oiled wi special stuff"

They have to be oiled correctly but you CAN stick them in the machine. Well I have on the handwash setting. See what happens!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

says on the box NEVER to use a washed and un-oiled filter, as the OIL stops the dirt???? just lettin u know what it says,cheers, Rob

PS i would seriously reccomend a cleaning kit, leave it to soak, rise under tap, you will be amazed at the colour of the water that runs out!!! Brown, full of sh*te, and ur left wi a magic filter lookin like new!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

yeah i still wouldnt stick it in the washer tho?! may aswell get the proper stuff for it dont ya all think?!
  172 Cup

Hand wash feature is just cool water and about 8rpm, not exactly going to rip it to shreds. Ill take my chances and report back.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i washed mine in cold water first time round, but i can honestly say that if u get the proper kit, and let it soak on for 20mins or so, the dirt and sh*te all runs nicely out of the filter. if its a pipercross foam one u have i dont know if it will be different or not........mine is cotton.