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Any pics yet

  Abarth Grande Punto

Has anyone got any pics of their car with the new Lexus style lights for the mk1 clio??

Only seen pics of them on a blue clio.

Not to sure yet if i will get a set, need to see more pics
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Im due 4 Jan!!! Im ringing them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ill let you know if they can beat £460......172 + K-tec + viper + chip:D

chris172, but you have a new shape Clio.

I know of a pic of some on a White Clio - Rob posted it - Dunno if its photoshop or not..

Im sure well see a few soon! Lots of people seemed interested at some point.

miltage2, what colour is your Clio?



ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Ill get a pic as soon as theyre on, mines black, i think they be ok. If not ill tint em same day and post them too.