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Any sub to any head?

  1.6 16v
if u got £300 u can buy my full system! 15"sub boxed! sub amp! 6'9's and front speakers with a massive amp to go with it! all parts are mutant!!!!!
  Silver 172 Ph1
I sold mine on eBay got F*ck all for it. had a 15" boxed 1000 watt sub 1200 watt amp and 2 X 1000 wat 6x9s and a wiring kit...whole thing cost me £500 and it went for £100. Gutted
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
if its got pre out jacks on the back of the head unit then yes, some very basic ones dont, but most aftermarket ones will,


  Clio Mk 1
sorry mate havent got £300 for a whole new system thanks anyways


kenwood kdc-334sa