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anybody know who the_wanderer is?

has this guy disappeared of the planet? i paid for a decat from the_wanderer through paypal and was promised a delivery over a week ago now and the guy will not reply to messages on this forum!! is he dead!!!
  car? need a license 1st!
he's the wanderer, oh he's the wanderer, he wanders round and round and round and round and round
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Not another sale problem :( Hope you resolve it. Have you got his number mate?
i never got his number mate cos he seemed so very genuine he has made quite a few posts on here and everything but have his details through paypal so have logged a complaint with them cant believe this has happened to me again argggggggg i just had a horrible thought that something bad happened to him cos he was pm me all the way up to paying then it just stopped!!!
i know mate tell me about it....i wil be able to get my money back through paypal hey or should i get my bank to chase the payment or something i cant afford to loose this kind of money!!
Depends how much money he has in his account, i only mananged to get just over half back when i got ripped for for a 300 quid cd player off ebay.
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His profile says he hasn't been online for a few days...if you've contacted him in the last few then that's why there's no response.

He might have gone away, or somethings happened at home, he might have lost access to his computer, it's been a week!!

Have you got an email address, have you tried that instead of PM's?

It's not an ideal situation, granted, but can we not all jump on the vigilante bandwagon of bad sellers please, it does the club and especially the situation no favours at all!!

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hello! im back from the dead!

on a serious note, i have actually been very ill recently and i am going into hospital 2moro. im not expecting to be out for a couple of weeks, so i will be uncontactable, but i will pm you my mobile number so you can leave me a message should i get the chance to go outside and check it.

reguarding the decat, my brother tells me he sent it in the last post on monday, and that he will bring the postage receipt round 2nite. ill take a pic and get it pm'd to you asap. i imagine it should be turning up today??

Sorry for the delay in replying!