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Anyone driven a 206 gti

I know these arent in the 172 league for speed but what about on their own merit?

Are they any good as my mate is thinking of checking one out. (Before you say buy a clio he gets a 22% discount)


Even if he gets a 150% discount, tell him not to bother. I bought mine on 29/11/02 and Im selling it this weekend with any luck. It has its plus points (nice torquey engine, handles very well in the wet for some reason - I put a post on here a couple of weeks back)....but it is no GTi.

Ive got a 205 GTi as well (unfortunately off the road at the moment) and the 206 is nothing like it in terms of driving and comfort. The seats in the 206 suck so badly your mate should budget to get rid of them. Ive had constant back pain since getting the damn thing. Im going to lose money, but Id far rather drive an 80000 mile Williams. Gaaaah, damn thing. Really, tell him to burn the money instead. Or buy a 172/172Cup/Willy/16v/205 1.9GTi/Reliant Robin/Tub of Lard - anything!

It is also clearly slower than a VTS (well, one with Craggy driving) and I bet a VTS is much more fun to drive.

Hope that helps :D ;)

  2012 WRX Waggon

before I got the Clio, I had the 206 Gti 180 on order from Abbey in Sale, I only cancelled the order after the show when it was announced the delivery dates were gonna be March/April, and the price 15,000.

The 180 looks like its gonna be fun, I cannot wait to meet one. Performance specs aint too far off the 172.

The looks dont really do anything for me for a 206 though..... there is a word for it but I dont want to offend anyone


ClioSport Club Member
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Yeah, the 206 GTi is a bit "limp" and Id steer clear...

However, a 106 GTi will impress you a lot! :D

I had one for 2 years and I loved the thing. Great handling, fookin quick for a 1.6 and nicely finished off with a good spec.

Got a 306 Rallye now, so youre mate could also get one of these or a GTi-6 if the insurance is ok.