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Anyone from Essex

Where mate? I am from Hornchurch/upminster and ive never heard of it? Not Cranham or Okendon way is it?

Theres quite a few of us in essex mate. Id be the closest or one of to Hornchurch tho. What car you drive?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Chafford hundred mate about 15 minutes from Upminster and 20 minutes from Romford.

BTW Bulphan is down the A128 (Joins the A127 and A13) not to far from me about 10 minutes actually.

ChavyBoy. I Used to live in Chafford until January this year, right by the station.

Miltage2. Look at my profile on the left to see what I drive.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

172Cup yer I know the station as I walk there everyday for work.

Wes knows the station well as he got his Escort RST nicked from there !

ChavyBoy. Gave up with the train to London everyday. Too unreliable.

Started driving to the City every day a year ago. Would not change it for the world. Much more relaxing, less stressful and quicker!!!!!


i could never drive the 172 to work every day, put too many miles on here! and the train only takes about 35minutes to get to frenchurch street
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Relaxing - being stuck in traffic down the A13, takes me about 1 1/4 hours to drive to work and about 45 minutes on the train, plus its alot cheaper for me on the train as you have to pay petrol, parking and service costs for the car !

This is all correct unless you own a Motor bike ;)

Chavy Boy.

Leave home @ 06:15 latest, park up in the City @ 07:00. In work 07:05.

Thats actually 50 minutes door to door. The A13s a piece of p**s!!!!

£300- per year parking and about £900 in Petrol. Thats £1200 verses £3000- for me anf the missus on the train (£1.5K each),,,, a saving of £1800 per year.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

1.5k each damn and thats travelling from where ?

Cost me 1.2k a year.

Dont forgot all the miles you are putting on the car and the fact you have to buy the car first mate ! What about service costs etc ! Soon adds up.

If you fancy meeting up for a pint mate let me know !


I bought the CUP so I do not rack up the miles on the Scooby and Elise. Had a Ka last year for the job and could not duel with the AstraMaxs.

Plus you only live once so what the heck. Rather have these 3 in the garage than 1 new 911 Cabriolet. Not into the Kudos value of Car status. Just love what I love.

Where do you work in the City??

I know where it is now, well sorta.

Why buy a cup if its for just driving to work and back? A 172 has more luxuary items dosent it? Where you live now 172cup?

Traveling seems to be costin a lot! Work out cheaper to live in london!

Wickford Me!! Jonboy think ive seen you about, yours has oval magnex and cliosport stocker on back wind screen, also you lowered it??? Myn is blue mk1, big cliosport sticker on side window..
  Abarth Grande Punto

Ye, I live in Hornchurch. I reguarly drive around Romford area.

Ive got a Dark Red Clio, 1997 R Reg. Lowered on 16s and the big Clio Sport sticker in the back window with my own plate P 5TU M, you cant miss it!;)

Miltage2, you live near the station? There used to be one parked near there everyday, seems to have a polo on the drive instead now.

I never really see any clios about my way. Altho saw a blue 16v twice on sat down the same road. And one flashed my mates williams the other night.

Used to go down the Bulphan Harrow in my younger days is it still there ?In basildon at present often see 172s at "Basvegas"
  BMW 320d Sport

LOL youd be better off asking if there is anyone *not* from Essex!

Im in Southend btw. It did start off in the very early days as a kind of Essex/South East thing, but Cliosport has spread its evil influence all over the UK now, loads of members in every area.