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anyone from manchester

  Skoda Fabia vRS

theres quite a few north west members now

join the club an keep an eye on the meeting/events forum for the next meet

should be mid april

alrite m8 aint from manchester

im from liverpool anyway a week on friday theres a huge cruise in liverpool redline feature and a clio gettin featured to(the daddys)

e-mail me pm 4 more info r visit aswell

get down there its gona b huuuuuuuuuuuge


Im from manchester, keep your eyes open for a williams 3 with a smudged side badge!:(

Not smudged for long though... wheres that nail varnish remover....

well im from heald green and work in sale so i must have seen you. Seen me? black clio 16v, lowered on 16" super Ts, tints, M6HDT num plate? whats your car like? seen a willy with blue tints? one with the rear right williams badge and bump strip missing? and another one always flying about the altrincham way, this one was following me not long ago but didnt want to play:cry:

Nope not seen you as yet... Mines an absolutely standard williams 3, Im moving jobs soon to work in alty so our paths may yet cross.

Ill keep an eye out for you on the bypass, see how your williams power plant deals with the real thing...:devilish:

:devilish: i look forward to it! dad selling shop in sale so wont see you in alty but if i do see you on by-pass give us a flash;), do you not go to the thursday night races at stanley green retail park? or not your thing?

Not really my cup of cha... might go down for 10 mins or so soon just to have a gander.

I play footy on Thursday night aswell so its a bit tricky to get down.

Have you heard of Tube Torque in macclesfield by the way, theyre a stainless steel exhaust specialist. Im thinking of getting my williams exhaust copied but with a little less silencing (if you know what I mean;)). Dont want it sounding too boy racer-ish so im waking the neighbours up at 2k revs, but when you put I put my foot down I want it to give it some.

Apparently the chap down there is really good and can build you one to your exact requirements, incl noise level, shape, tail pipe etc.

Not heard of them mate, you cant really get better then custom made though can you! having said that, on a williams, exhausts seem to be WELL loud, Adis clio 16v has same exhaust as me and it was quiet on his 1800, when he put williams engine in it became VERY loud, i remember thinking Jons(2Live) williams was very loud too? might be cause of different manifold?
  clio 20v

Quote: Originally posted by Kelly on 26 March 2003

Oy Adi! You forgot me! :mad:

Least paddy remembered :)
lol sorry forgot loads of people my brain wernt workin think i had to edit once too haha

must be the drink my memory is knacked