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Anyone from Newcastle

Just recently bought a 172 and wondered if clio owners in the North East ever met up with each other, if so where and when?

Theres a couple from Newcastle, I am sure they will introduce themselves. Where abouts in Newcastle are you from? I see a number of MKIIs around regent centre and North Sheilds.?
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Yeah im from newcastle dont suppose it was your car i saw parked in newcaslte this morning it looked brand new, 02 reg? I have met up with trev b4 just after I got mine.

KeithO is a traitor to the cause!!!!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

By the way Keith were did you traid your car into or did you sell it privately? Cos Benfield had a 172 exclusive for sale that sold the day they put it on sale! could have been yours. Do you regret it?


Traded it in and as far as I aware it was sold to Bedlington Motor Company. It may have been sold on because it is a bit of a coindidence....?

Any idea how much it went for? I would have thought they would have it up for about £11995.

Not regretting it at the moment, I am having so much fun pulling out into traffic with my foot on the floor praying the turbo on the diesel will kick in soon. The CTR has arrived and just waiting for my plate to go so hopefully I will pick it up tomorrow.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

No idea how much it went for as it had the SOLD sign on it had no plates on which was why I thought it was yours as I presume your taking your plate with you.

What colour CTR are you getting? + which Honda garage?
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Hello Khusba as Geodiepaul mentioned Im from Newcastle to, in the Wallsend area seen an 02 at Kwik save Battlehill today in silver was that yours and was at Asda a couple of weeks ago one pulled in behind me on trade plates to fuel up salesman driving but a young couple awaiting a test drive me thinks silver again, people know the best colour anyway.

Alright lads, that wasnt me youve seen ive only had the car for two days and ive been keeping local at the minute, which by the way is in Seaton Burn, you probably dont know the area but its a small village next to Cramlington.

Anyway its good to know that there are some local lads which i could call on if i need advice on the motor, next time you all meet up give me a shout and ill come an introduce myself.



Getting a red CTR and it is from Springfield Honda. Kev, you will enjoy the forum, I still do and I dont have a clio any more. Friendly bunch and as you say a great source of information.