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Anyone got DAB!

Has anyone on here got or installed DAB into their clio?

Whats it like? Im very tempted to get the DAB box for my Pioneer screen. Its a US unit so i cant listen to hardly any fm stations here :( im told the box will work fine so just trying to get some opinions as to what its all like?!?!

How hard is fitting the aerial? I assume I will have to have both fitted, the FM one just in case I decide to use analogue again?!?!
  Clio V6 255

DAB (depending on your area) means LOTS more choice especially Core (see which plays the latest music without adverts.

Reception can still be a bit sketchy in places though as the technology is fairly new.

I wish Renault would offer a standard radio with DAB!!

Some DAB Aerials come with two inputs for the digital and analogue connections.