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anyone have any info re this kit

sorry, just realised another thread mentioned it, however, more info would be good...

either a full kit (less the spoiler) or just the bumpers, the arches would be fairly easy to rig up.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

its the Clio Super 1600

but yea, a kit like that would look WICKED, im sure it would sell loads too
  Clio 197

Are there any seats in that car? Looks pretty empty.

In the good old days, Renault would have to build a pile of these machines to homologate them. And we would be able to pick them up cheapish. Not any more. Id say the body kit alone could cost more than a street car.

All they have to do is make the kitcars available for $100,000 and they have complied with the FIA rules. They could even be losing money at that price and therefor wouldnt want to sell too many.

Sure would like one though...


K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

We will have this full kit available (except the rear spoiler) in 4-6 weeks and it will fit all Mk3 Clios.

We do not have any more information at the moment as our 172 is not due to have the final kit finished for about 3 weeks. The kit is expected to cost around £1500+vat and include front and rear bumpers and front and rear arches.


Ahhhhh,,, but,,,,,,

How much heavier will the kit make the car???? and therefore possibly slower,,,,

suppose its OK to pose it though,,

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Well sounds reasonable, but then it means different offset wheels, maybe even longer d/shafts and wishbones etc - wide arch always looks good but is not as simple as first thought.......

agreed Nick, but I would be prepared to do that. Rear wouldnt be a problem

simple dural spacer between the hub and arm (to maintain bearing center loading..

front would need...

extention to bottom arm.. (weld a bit on lol)

Longer track rod ends. (simple)

Modified strut lower mount. (weld 2 plates to the bottom of the strut - or get them made at avo... would only be cheap for a std set with longet lower mounting bracket...

Longer brake lines front n rear..

easy peasy really lol....:)