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Anyone interested in a private track day this Sat

Right I thought I would post it on here as im a new 172 owner!

This Saturday a select few of us have hired a circuit / newly tarmaced airfield down near Bournemouth!

The cost is £100 for the whole day and there is only going to be around 10-12 cars max! Open Pit lane all day, no lunch break unless you want to.

The circuit is around 3 miles long with some fast chicanes, tight and twisty parts and some off camber areas!

I am looking for interest, and only serious interest please reply! The car line up we have is 3 Clio 172s, STI7, Integ R, Accord R, Pug GTI, Mini Cooper, M3 etc!

This is a perfect opportunity if youve never done one of these before as public roads if no way of learning your cars limits. Some of us are travelling down from the Midlands and are staying in a B&B for the Friday night, track time is from 9am till 4pm.

Please email me if seriously interested!
  mk2 172

sh*t, that sounds real good, but my motor needs a brakes overhaul before im ready, a bit low on cash too, wish it was september or summat

That does sound very cool but my 172 only has 450 miles on it, not even run it yet but I would definitely be interested later in the year. Any plans for another day later in the year ?

This weekend is the 1st one were doing at this place so will have to wait and see what its like!

Ive only done 850 miles in my clio but still plan on tracking it hard!!!!!!!!

Should have done 1000 by the Saturday

Come on guys, this is seriously cheap for a full day on track. There are no sessions so you could spend the full 7hrs on track if you wanted to.

The circuit has been re-surfaced so it wont be too abrasive & theres nothing to hit (excpet for a few cones!) This would be the perfect first track day for all you budding racing drivers!

e-mail Harj & get it booked. You wont regret it



Sounds great, Im not sure what my movements are for this weekend yet, so cant say for certain, but Im interested certainly, and if not this weekend, you can count me in for any future ones (as long as we can have a smidge more notice )


Ringer - you live in Ringwood by any chance???? where is this track? I used to live in Ringwood, Corfe Mullen, Ferndown, Poole.

Yep definatly wanna come. My mates Cars that wanna come are:

* Renault Spider
* Renauly Clio williams
* Renault Clio 16v
* Mk2 Golf Gti

Please get back asap so i can let my mates know whats going on.

  BMW 320d Sport

nice one Ringer. Seriously everyone that is a good price on a private track day, just make sure you use Dot 5.1 fluid and leave the spare wheel at home.

I wonder if anyone would be able to handle a full 7 hours on the track? Half hour sessions are knackering enough!

Well were nearly full!

There are some places left is anyone wants to come along for tomorrow!

Ringwood is the town near Bournemouth so call me on 07968 077908!!!

Should be a laugh, some cool Renaults and a whole host of other cars