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Anyone not at Southend


  Shiny red R32

They must be all down at Southend. I wonder how BenH got on, he was driving all the way down from Edinburgh and deserves a prize!

Im here. Just finished the 625 mile run-in in the 172 today. Gave it a quick burst to see what would happen - does exactly what it says on the tin :)

(spent 2 hours cleaning & polishing it - started rainign 30 minutes later and hasnt stopped).

Anyway, off to bed. Racing my Legend at Rockingham tomorrow, so I guess Ill just lie there until the alarm goes off at 4.30! Wish me luck.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

the last 3 times ive washed my car its rained straight after lol

i feel really lonely tonight


  Shiny red R32

Petes, have a great time at Rockingham tomorrow. I LOVE those Legends, would you please e-mail me a picture of yours?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

cos usually there is loads of posts on ere and tons of info

every night i come on an ask questions and absorb more info about clios, ive learned loads in the time ive owned mine....12 months.....its my first car and i just love learnin more an more about em

tonight is a bit low on new info hehe, so im bored, ive been onto other forums but seems everyone else is out on the p!ss

i dont smoke or drink, an i aint into clubs, me car an mrs get all my money
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well im in work for 8am tomorrow

night peeps

hope everyone who went Southend tonight had a good night

Here you go:

(well, you should see something if HTML works on this board).

Not the best photo Ive got, but I cant find the good ones at the mo.


  Shiny red R32

All I can see is a square with a red bit and two blue bits in it! Why not e-mail me on Thanks.


  Shiny red R32

Brun, why do you give all your money to your mrs? Are you a bit downtrodden especially as you dont drink or go out? Does your wife?/mrs lock you in the house?

Hers a kiss and cuddle for you ( x )


  Shiny red R32

Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you Brun. Try keeping some money for yourself, dont give it all to her indoors!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Im back now. All I can say is Southend was mental. 38 or 39 Clios at one stage, I had to block the roundabout to get all of us through and along the seafront in one line, then we couldnt even get a parking space cos all the day trippers were still there!

We went further down and found a private showground - actually a grassy car park just on the seafront which we filled up, then when we got chucked off after an hour or so and headed back to the main strip, parked up round the back in the big coach park. A top night out, and SO MANY CLIOS! Passers by couldnt believe it.

Cheers to everyone who came along, another brilliant meet, in fact the best yet. So much for the Scoobynet crowd then...


  Shiny red R32

Did BenH make it all the way from Edinburgh?

Have you got any pics please?

A really impressive turnout in the end, well have to see how that run-by comes out Nick!!

Pity about the weather later on, but at least it stayed fine until it went dark.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, GR, i dont give her all my money, in fact on Monday she is gettin me some they will be £70.....snowboardin ones ya see
  Skoda Fabia vRS

o yea, an how can tomorrow be a better day

im workin 8-5 lol.......i did have a nice curry though last night for me tea from the local take away

Cheers to everyone who came along, another brilliant meet, in fact the best yet. So much for the Scoobynet crowd then...

Thanks to Nick and all else that organised it....was a fantastic turn out and all credit to all members thats made the effort...nice one guys/girls.
  172 sport,


ive seen them legends at areena essex although i have to say the track seemed way too small for the power you have if you was there let me know as im sure they wern,t at full speed


Hi Yogi,

There are Legends which run on the short ovals and Legends which run on conventional racetracks. They are essentially the same car (just a few safety mods for the bigger tracks).

Oval racing is a lot more difficult than it looks (which is why I havent treid it yet) - a Legend is a real handful out of slow corners (theyre short and wide so they swap ends easily).

I think they hit about 70 - 75mph on some Ovals. The car will do about 125mph given a long enough run (like today at Rockingham). They will go a bit quicker with a taller final drive ratio but they wont let us use it in the UK. I think theyre afraid well take off!

BTW there was a fairly well-used Williams in the Paddock at Rockingham today (blue naturally, big dent in the bonnet) - anyones?