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Anyone raced a Golf VR6

anyone had a go with one of these ?

with about 170ish bhp and torque would have thought they would be an interesting challenge, although they are 200kgs heavier that a 16v or a williams

anyone wanna give a opinion on em ?

erm, well up until a few weeks ago, I had a Golf VR6 Highline

but now, a 172 Sport.. so I have experienced both.. and........

kind of, it was a corrado Vr6 and I was in a mk2 astra gte 16v. We won by the way...
They pretty tourque-y but are only 12valve as oppose to our 16. Extra capacity helps them but higher rev limit helps us! Just dont race em up hills I spose!

well in all the time I had the VR6, I never came up against a clio , 172 sport or any other type...

in fact, either i was very lucky, or my golf was quick as i never got beaten by anything in the vr6.... oh apart from a couple of motorbikes and M3s....i think luck came in here to be honest....

but rather conveniently, now ive sold the golf, a mate has just bought an identical age / mileage vr6 so i will have to compare them at some point...
  Audi S3

Ive raced a VR6 and I did beet him!
by the time i reaced 60 i was about a cars length ahead which was when i backed of as there was a roundabout aproaching and i was going home but i guess that at higher speed it would of beat me!

  evo x rs

my mate has a vr6 and weve had many a race.

0-60 sprint the 172 beats it by a good car and half length. Hell admit it everyime.

Keep on going up to silly speeds and the distance the 172 pulls away becomes less and less. We both reach above the
!40mph mark and theres only one champ.

my mates got a golf vr6 and have had many a race with him,
to honest initially i do leave him from a standing start,
but by the time i reach about 100-110 he is all over my bumper.

on short sprints i would say that a 172 should win almost every time
but on a long stretch on a motorway i think it would depend on
who would lose their bottle first.
130 on the M4 at 4 in the mornin is about my limit which
people my say is nothing but i wouldnt like to lose it at half that speed.


Ive raced two of these in total.

First one was an old shaped Golf with 2.9 VR6 lump with cams, moddified head, chip, zorst and filter. He was quicker that i thought off the mark but i kept up without much trouble although not quite enough grunt to pass him. Then we got on the motorway and i thought "This guys gonna leave me for dead down here" but no, onto !30 and im still right behind him until i hit !35 and something happens and i just start to gain and then pass very convincinly where i kept goin until the limiter.

Second was an R reg i think and i whopped him to about 80-90mph. Got on the dual carriageway and from 90 upwards we were evenly matched again up to !30 when i started to pass him.

The problem with both of these is although i managed to pass, when i hit the limiter in 5th they are still goin and therefore start to gain again......Ahhh never mind.


its genuinely strange how i have never ended up running (driving) against a clio of any description..... now i have one, ill probably never run against a vr6

well, except my friends one which on initial impressions, i think the 172 would beat....

we shall see


what were u driving at the time then ? surely not a standard willy ?

so ppl reckon the 172 is fine for it, what about a williams ?

std vs std, think the willy could hack it ?

i would have thoguht that the vr6, although heavier should be quicker than a williams, the torque being 172 vs 125 ?
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well coming down the roads between york dragstrip and the m62 last month i came up behind a V6 4motion Golf him 2 up me 4 up he couldnt shake me off round the bends and i was having to back off to stop running into the back of him altho i didnt have enuff power(read too much weight lol) to pass him.
neva raced a 2 wd one tho

I was in my Williams. Its not standard but then its not heavily modded either. Its been chipped, induction kit and exhaust. Nothing major but I guess it does make a difference.

  BMW 320d Sport

Ive raced a VR6 when my 16v was beat once we were at high speed. Id say a Willy would just take it.