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applyin polish, drying,buffing etc

  Iceberge cup,mito tb
guys need to know what products to buy to do the above, theres that many im getting confused and dont understand what is used for what etc
applying, you would need applicator pads.. foam ones from halfords (yellow)
buffing it off, i use microfibre towels, also available from halfords, (again yellow)
and for drying, i use a waffle weave drying towel from


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I use microfibre applicators rather than the yellow foam ones . Some people say they use / waste more product than the yellow foam ones but imo its negligible .Plus they are easier to hold as they are larger than the foam pads .

To dry use a waffle weave towel and plush microfibre to remove product .

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  106 GTi
Applicator pads are normally foam sponge. But you can also get ones covered with Microfiber. For polishing fthe yellow Meguiars foam ones work best for me.

Removal as Justin said a microfiber towel works best, though they come in a whole range of colours. I like the orange Poorboys Mega Plush ones from Alex at

Waffle Weave drying towels the Sonus Wunder Drying towels ones or Pakshak ones from are the best I have found.
  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
Yes I have to agree I really like the Sonus Wunder Drying towels I got a twin pack just a few weeks ago from C&S and like them far better than the megs drying towels I have.
  Fiat Coupe 20vt
Hi Rich,

The waffle weaves both have the same edging just a different colour.

The Sonus buffing towels are identical to the rest of the line with the silk binding. The Ultimates have a microfibre bound edge so are also very good. Both are better than having no binding and in real terms you'd be hard pressed to notice a difference as to whether they induce any scratching. I sell more of the Ultimate sthan the Sonus, but thats probably just down to the fact they are cheaper.

Cheers Tim
  Iceberge cup,mito tb
rite just oderd sonus der wonder drying towel*2,sonus der wunder applicators*2, ultimate ultra-plush buffing cloth. am i forgeting anything or will this stuff do all the above
  Rover 620Ti (210bhp)
I'de buy a buffer if I were you. I put off buying one for ages but when I got one the other week I was amazed. It makes life so much easier, you wouldn't believe!

Here's how I polish my car....

Clean with Meguires shampoo & flash car wash thingy.
Use quick clay to remove any imperfections adn get a smooth as glass finish.
Rinse with filtered water (or just rinse and dry with a shammy)
Apply Meguires TechWax wiht foam applicator
Buff off with electric buffer and lambswool bonnet

The end result is amazing.....
This is the reflection in the paintwork

  Iceberge cup,mito tb
looks good but wasnt the answer i was looking for plus cost's a wee bit for one of those buffers and cant aforde one of them just now
A small tip to help make anything applied by a foam pad go further, put a small shot/spritz of either water or quick detailer on the pad before putting polish/wax etc on it, this spritz will cut down the amount of product absorbed, so cutting down on wastage.
  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
Put the shammy in the bin.
Get a proper drying towl which will do a far better job of drying the car such as the SONUS ones Rich was talking about, see above. The buffer you are talking about... Most people tend to "buff" off by hand with a good quality Microfibre, and use a PC (machine) for removing applying polish to remove swirls, scratches etc and give the paint some nourishment...

Even wax, I prefer to do by hand rather than via PC.

A nice easy start would be.

Wash with the 2 bucket method using a lambs wool wash mit.
Dry using a Waffle Weave Drying Towel.
Polish a good off the shelf product such as Autoglym SRP
Seal with Autoglym EGP
and top up with a nice wax, such as Natty's blue, P21s, Chemical guys XXX, etc...
Perhaps look at some tire gel and trim detail products to complete the overall look of the car.

  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
SteTommo I'd watch the bottom of the NXT bottle I'd maybe put it on a folded MF then on the paint work to show the reflections as the bottom of the bottle can cause slight scratches.
  Iceberge cup,mito tb
yeh got one off those sonus things on order, see above. for the egp do i use it like polish? use applicator pad to put on then buff off?
  106 GTi
Apply EGP as thin as you can with a foam hand pad, allow to cure for 30-60 mins and remove with a microfiber cloth.
  Iceberge cup,mito tb
is it ok to use a microfiber applicator pad to put the egp the same way you would with polish or should i go and buy a foam one?
  106 GTi
MF one will work fine with EGP, infact maybe better than foam. They just tend to absorb and waste lots of product for me.
  Iceberge cup,mito tb
thanks for the quick reply bud.hopefully if the weather is ok tomorrow will be my first time "detailing" a car