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Are Hill power chips any good

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Been On RSC and a lot of people have been slating Hill power chips saying they make the engine run lean and could damage it.

Has anyone heard of this as I fancy getting one but it worries me :(

Quote: Originally posted by ben_ren19.16v on 25 March 2003

They were all running lean at the RSC rolling road day at John Nobles apparently....
Maybe thats something to do with the equipment used at John Nobles.

  clio williams, Ph1 172

I heard that. Thats why I wondered. Has anyone had one fitted for ages? Dont wanna kill my engine :(

Ive got one fitted at the moment which I have to give back to Craggy soon. As soon as I do Im going to go and get Hillpower to do one for my car. I think Nick Hill is a reasonable kind of bloke and if you have any problems such as running lean, hell take a look at it for you....


uses the lambda voltage and converts it to visual information on teh air/fuel ratio. Not the most accurate thng in the world since the lambda has a very very narrow band where it works.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

To be honest with you Nick has taken a bit of a slating recently, but he did mine and im well pleased with it !!

Mine was RRd at BB and they said its been set up fine as far as they are concerned.

if i could only get this dam head off my old engine id have a looksee at what caused my old lump to detonate.

but ive never come accross bolts this tough to get off.

incidentally, the chip thats in my mates car that john nobles wudnt let him run used to run my old engine that detonated.

and b4 anyone says anything, i aint accusing no one of nothing, engines come n go etc etc etc <---clears air ;)

just wud like to see whats what.


well ive a hill power chip on my williams engine along with full exhaust and air filter, and its been rolling roaded at three different places including john nobles (jan 2002) and every place said that it was spot on and was a good engine.

it produced mailto:173bhp@fly">173bhp@fly so ive no complaints about the chips and i would dare say that if someone wasnt happy nick would sort it without any hasle!

jsut wondering, not slating nobody, there is no real evidence yet.....

WHat were all 3 outputs at the diff rollers? ATWs please

kevs - williams lump, cams, pulleys chip, decat, induction
130bhp @ wheels/160bhp @ fly

mine - 2.0 bottom end, induction, chip, cat back zaust
121 @ wheels/156bhp @ fly

chris vs they wudnt let run

dave ts - 1.8 lump, cams, pullys, induction, straight thro ascar chip
not sure about at wheels as i cant remember but only 145bhp @ fly.

paul worthintons cup - standard i think
130bhp @ wheels/160bhp @ fly

steve foxs clio valver zaust n induction
90 @ wheels

jimbos valver - gasflowed head, kent cams, oe airbox, zaust n decat
115@ wheels/147 @ fly

thats all i can remember now


ok jimbos told me (more like stressed) to change some figures and edit seems to have disapeered

dave t got 137 with all his work done apparently and jimbo got 147 @ fly.

bettr mate??????????????????????????


Never had any problems with the engine in my valver, been RRed three times now and only had one bad result due to a blowing exhaust.

Other results were 170bhp @ fly and 148 @ wheels