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  7.6cc :D

Im furious, FURIOUS

Was just standing in McDonalds que, looking at my car out of the window, and witness a complete PRICK bang the door of a crappy square shaped old nissan micro of my car door.......Im livid...LIVID!!!!

He looked at the damage and then got in his banger and drove off, before i had time to put down my McFlurry!

Im going to hunt him down and attack his b*@*~#?*s with a metal cheesegrater!!!

I hate carelessness with cars, i would feel gutted if i had done this to someone else!

Arrrrrghhhh, i feel sick im so MAD

Sorry to hear that Jilly. But its life , Ive had a few dents already. But ive had them removed now. Take deep breaths and chill


yeah, unfortunately sh1t happens - I know how you feel I got a key down the side of mine, which is even more deliberate

Fecking Barstewards.

This is the kind of thing that Im completely paranoid about. When I park anywhere I always park right at the far side of the car park where nobody else parks cause its too far for their lazy arse legs to walk.

Trouble is when I return to the car I find that some git has parked right next to me when there are hundreds of other free spaces. Why do people do this?

As for keying a car words just can’t describe the low life jealous scum that do that kind of thing.
  7.6cc :D

Damage, i dont suppose is that bad, my dad has T cut the long stratch off but there is a slight 1cm long indentation which his crappy white paint stuck in it!

Im mostly upset cause i actually witnessed it and its the first flaw on an otherwise perfect new car.

As for keying, grrrrrrrrrrr
My moms is always getting it done cause she works at a secondary school, she has stopped bothering to get it repaired now
  7.6cc :D

Yes i did

So if anyone sees an asian man in an old shape nissan micra reg G77 YJF

please walk up to him and proceed to kick him in the balls then headbutt him, once hes on the floor stamp on his head!!!!!

I know someone who works on the DVLA database, a swift check on that reg plate will bring up driver details but of course it is highly illegal and would cost me my job, I would do it otherwise.

b******s ! There people are scum, absolutely no respect for peoples property ! This is why I hate this country, makes me think even more about emmigrating (which I will do at some point in the next 5 years I think).
  190 BHP Willy 2

sorry 2 hear bout ur misfortune. i had the same thing happen 2 me in mcds in aylesbury. some asian lads banged in2 my car dented rear quarter panel, i ran out and stopped the car with my m8, they sh1t themselves locked the doors and got on the phone, within minutes there was bout 20 asians down there. the thing they young lads didnt realise was i knew most of the asians they had phoned and it was all sorted out the lad who hit my car got out of the car and apologised and asked if i would accept his apologies and gave me all the necessary details. i could of so easily been £700 out of pocket if i had to fix it myself. it pi55es me off the total lack of respect for other peoples property.



If you have his reg no, report him to the police, its worth a try and they might match up the white paint of his rusty old banger to the scratch on your door.

I can understand your anger, I have to sell my 172 and typically someone has done the same to be but has put quite a large scratch on the rear quarter panel




  Shiny red R32

Jilly, I am sorry about the damage to your car, but why not do what I have always done and never park near the front door of a McDonalds, a Supermarket or anywhere like B & Q where people pass by with trolleys or there might be kids getting into the backs of cars as they are always careless and open doors as wide as they can. The big cinema complex car parks are other areas where it is best to park away from where people dash through between the parked cars.

Also if you see kids seats in the back of a car, there is a good chance that a mum will open the door wide to put the kids into the seats.

Always aprk as far away from these entrances as you can and if there arent many spaces, try to park near smart cars or something like Scoobys, Mercs, Porsches and cars which look as though they have careful owners.

Never park alongside vans, especially white ones, or cars which look like company cars, like Vectras and Mondeos, as often if the driver hasnt paid for their car, they couldnt care less about them.
  7.6cc :D

Jase, its not worth telling the police, they would laugh at me, this happens thousands of times a day....its just me making a fuss about it, but im calmer now, ive practiced breathing exercises and been blowing in and out of a brown paper bag lol (supposed to calm u down)

GR - thanks for the advise i will definately take it in....i have always parked next to nice cars, therefore if someone is going to nick one, they will take the nicer one next to me.

Jill xxx


  Shiny red R32

Also the nice cars owner isnt going to want to damage their own car door by banging it into yours.

Windy days are worse still, make sure that you try to park a bit more than the doors width away in case the wind takes it out of the hands of these careless people.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh no, im sorry to hear your misfortune. Youre not the only one. I posted on here a while back; some dildo drove into the front of my car denting the lovely front bumper and pushing the light in, i came back to my car to see a big dirty mark on the front and i thought someone had thrown a mud grenade at it, but it was a huge scratch and has moved the bumper out of alignment, great. The following day in another car park someone had attempted to park parrallel with my car and reversed out without realising that they had a bonnet on their car and side swiped my wheel arch, wheel and a bit of my door. The wheel arch is cracked and there are loads of scratches on it too. I havent repaired these marks, because i know that when i do, someones bound to do it again! Someone has crashed into my rear bumper when i stopped at the traffic lights once before, luckily, no damage, just a mark that i removed with bug and tar remover (excellent stuff for that kinda thing!) Two people have crunched my drivers mirror whilst over taking parked cars, one of the buggers didnt stop and the second one: I was going down a thin lane and i was with my girlfriend, so going slowly. A car was coming the other way quickly and i had stopped so that we could creep past each other and the other car kept going....crunch! my wing mirror completely smashed and fell off! I held down the horn and luckily she stopped! I got all of her details and she paid for the damage etc. Ive also had 2 windscreen replacements from stone chips and cracks, and had to go back to autoglass twice to get the seal fitted by someone that knows how to do their job! phew, i think thats all the bad luck ive had with my car so far!!!!! I can sympathize with you!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

The best way is just to leave your car in the gargage, never taking it out! That way the total idiots of this world wont get anywhere near it.

If I had been you though, I would have ran out of the shop and I would have killed the little ar8e.
  7.6cc :D

Blooming eck Simon!!!!!

You dont have much luck do you?

Makes you wonder what the point is of having a nice car

Sorry to hear about Thomas, Hope you manake to get that nasty white paint off him soon.

Just keep thinking that its better than a key the length of the car
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Happend to me the other week.
Parked up 10mins later dent and big scratch on my door i was well pissed. Red Fix Or Repair Daily fiesta.

Jilly here in Iceland we just take Mr.Baseball and go talk to the persone how does a ting like that to our cars.
  clio 20v

i f***in hate that it would almost b worth them doin it so u could b next 2 them when they did it i know some1 who knows sum1 who might b able to get details from that reg, then its billy baseball bat time!
  clio 20v

and i wouldnt bother wiv police there not interested they say it costs too much, my mate new exactly who dented his car and they said they coulnt do anythin if he didnt admit it it would b a waste of police money to take paint samples. how annoyin is that! specialy as it cost 1000 quid to put right
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

i had that happen in a mcds car park 2 old big well actually massive guy with his grand son i think in an old thithy jag xjs, pulled up next 2 me opened his door and bang hit the side strips which are colour coded like 172 !!! no damage but the funny thing is that i got out and set what the f*** are u doing he said its not dun owt as he let his door hit it again--i said f***ing watch it else il t**t u u old b*****d, walked up and he said shivering il nock u owt lad, i was gob smacked so much so i was speechless i wud of knocked his head clean off if his grandson hadnt of been with him plus that wud b it with the police locked up
  320d M Sport

Jilly, Use your legal cover on your insurance, they can pay £2.50 to DVLA to do a reg search, then they can put a claim in on HIS insurance, therefore leaving yours out of it altogether (no excess to pay and you wont loose your NCD). Did you get any witnesses/tape evidence etc? Its not that hard to get this sorted if you know what youre doing.

  7.6cc :D

Thank you for your advice Paddy and everyone else. I appreciate it

To be honest its only a little mark, i dont even think repairing it is worth it as a month or so later it will happen again, plus if i do anything with DVLA/police about this, its just my word against his.

I was just having a rant yesterday, but im calmer now, and decided to consider my tiny white mark as a modification instead of a flaw..hmmmmmm "align=absmiddle>


  Shiny red R32

Jilly, I think that "distressed" is the word and if you listen to Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, it is fashionable!