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As Promissed the Aircraft Garveyard Fashion Shoot..

  vers le haut doigt milieu
Dear all,

Some of you asked me to inform you when I post these after reading this thread. ( Sorry its been so long we are still in the process off narrowing down the story and everyone is still fighting over which shot to use. However I can give you a sneak peek as into what will be a great magazine story in spring/summer 09.
I have to thank the whole team responsible for this, it was an awesome shoot:

Cameras & lighting: Oliver Prout & Bachir Belghoul
Model: Erika Stasiuleviciute
Stylist: Francesca Marotta
Hair: Felix Daniel Bruns
Makeup: Jonas Oliver

Disclaimer: (yes another disclaimer please don't comment on this its just for technical reasons) All photos posted on this forum and only this forum are the property of the artist(s) they are only for your personal viewing and cannot be distributed, published or displayed without the full permission of the artist(s).

Enjoy All comments more then welcome.

And my very most favourite one!



ClioSport Club Member
They are certainly different - what equipmebnt was used? Are they for a fashion or photography portfolio?
  vers le haut doigt milieu
There for Fashion, bunch of flashlights, red heads, parcans etc. s**t load of kit and very very hard to move around that field.


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Great photo's but she needs to eat some pies and cream cakes TBH.
Hard for me to comment as I haven't get a chuffin clue about anything other than natural light, but just looking at them as photos...

I think they are good, rather than spectacular. Just something missing from most of them for me, the location is great but the lighting doesn't 'pop' compared to a lot of pics like this I see on other forums. Still waaaaay beyond anything I could achieve so I'm certainly not having a dig, they just don't jump out at me, which is odd considering the amazing location.

The first pic is stunning and looks really professional, though.
  vers le haut doigt milieu
Of course guys, but I ask you, can you see the clothes? Some of you saw some of the pictures in the recce which where stunning but this time we where not there to take pictures of the planes, flip through vogue or anyother girly mag ur misses has and compare photos to that. Would be good to know a girls view tho. But thank you all soo much for the thanks and constrictive thoughts about each pic. If you wanna know more on how we done it please ask for each individual picture.