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audi s3

just had a close encoutner of the s3 kind. deserted dual carriageway, and the pleb in the s3 sat on me arse round the the roundabout. to cut a long story short, by 120 smiles an hr, he was no more than 2 car lengths in front of me!! much to my suprise. and he was going for it, cus he was using both lanes of carriageway wen over tonne.

for 225bhp, i was expecting a trouncing on my part, especially driving my 19. so i think a williams wudnt have much of a worry stickign with one, nor a 172.


I like the look of these. The earlier ones have less power than the newer ones. Apparently the new one handles quite well too (unlike the old one allegedly). Too expensive but a chip fairly ups the power.



There are a lot of 1.8 A3s with the 18s on though, couple around our area. Really nice car, especially in yellow, looks the buisness.

cant say i beleive u

a S3 "REAL " on that is absoltuely killed my valver,

sounds to me u met a new 1.8 t A3 look very similiar the new ones


mmmmmmmmmmm S3.... sorry Homer moment.... They redesigned the engine so it has a slightly better output than the TT, even though its the same engine apparently. Id love one, cant afford one though, so I got the Clio, and Im happy as a pig with donuts...

well i saw the s3 badges on the back, and it had zenon head lights. so im pretty defiabte it was a genuine s3.

ive been in a tt 225 back last year. while quick thru the gears, it wasnt anything ballistic, jsut a nice push in the back. so id imagine the s3 being the same