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auto xenon headlights

  clio sport 182
i have a BG 182 and 4 some reason the auto headlights have turned thereself off dunno how or why but has happened b4 a couple of weeks after getting it ... thought before was just a 1 off as turned it off again and restarted and they worked.

does any1 now how 2 turn them back on somehow as i didnt turn them off in the first place so have no idea??

many thanks


Ste King 182

You turn the headlights on full and then totaly off twice i think when the car is not running mite be when the electrics are on not sure try both, this will turn the sensors on or off same procedure for both.


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
From memory: Key in the ignition - turn lights on and off twice, and you should hear a beep. That's them on. Or, RTFM if that doesn't work.