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AutoCar - Tiny Titan

Have got old of the AutoCar review, Tiny Titan...

Cooper S vs Clio Cup

Its been reprinted by Renault. If any one would like a photocopy or scanned pages then mail me... Its interesting reading

dealer doesnt have it in new zealand ..... not even mention that their clio brochure only show 2 pages 1 with huge pic n 1 with 5 lines of writin on the sport RS model :(">


Thanks mate..

btw anyone been able to drag a cooper S lately?

Ok Guys Ive scanned the article.

Ive compressed it within windows XP but its still 18 mb , I can post all at once, as Ive got adsl, but if you aint, I dont wanna clog up ya mail accounts.

I could post a page a day for the week :D to those who have small mailboxes or sh*te connections.

Let me know, its now only a click away