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Automatic headlights

  BG 182
My automatic headlights aren't so automatic anymore!.

I'm having to put them on manually everynight - pain in the hars i know!!

anyone know what could be the issue? & is it expensive to fix?
  It's A Reno
You will have de activated the auto function.
IIRC you need to turn them on and off 2 or 3 times until there is a beep and then they will be auto again.
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
Do they come on at all or never?

If never, its could be the auto function is switched off. To turn on, I think its turn ignition 2 turns, and flick light on and off very quickly twice, should hear a beep to confirm. Turn lights off and they should come on (can't remember if you have to turn the ignition off and on again as well).