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automatic transmission ??? CONFUSED

We know very little about the insides of a automatic transmission, We sent one off to get reconditioned the other day.

Got it back and it looks like its not even been opened (Still has a lot of oil inside) Got old gaskets all over it.)
(But looks like they have changed the torque converter only)

On the invoice it says "Forward Motion Drum" + Pision + Seals"

Is this right ?? Or is there any thing we can check to see if the drums been changed??????

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Suffolk Automatic Transmission

I'll ring them after I'm sure what was meant to be changed, They could say any thing and I'd not no if its true or not.
I'll do that tomorrow. Was going do it the other day but I thought they would just say.

The Forward Motion Drum is the torque converter so don't need to be opened.

They charged our customer £500 so bit excessive for a torque converter (looks 2nd hand)