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auxillery water pump

  Clio 1.8 16v

are the clio 16v fitted with these and what do they do?i though there were only 1 pump on the engine for the water!!!
  172 & LCR

Yes an eletric pump that runs along with the fan when car turned off but still to hot so water is being cooled by fan and circulated by fan even though engine not running hope this helps.

  Clio 1.8 16v

were is the electric pump located?i do not think that mine is working and do all clios have them?

The top hose that runs under the airbox from the block to the rad has a t piece coming off it with this pump fitted on the end.


Yup, all valvers have them. They have a little (very quiet) electric motor with a magnet on it. The actual pump wheel in the water has magnetic strips on it. The motor drives the wheel round through a seperating plastic wall to isolate the motor from the water using the magnetic attraction. This is part of the anit-percolation system, and mine clogged up with crap. This didnt affect the main cooling system though.

Theyre easy to get at and you can clean them very easily. The problem is the bottom pipe under the rad gets blocked , and that needs replacing. Its a b**ch. HTH