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Back again (well that's the plan...)

Hi all,

I'm a prolific changer of vehicles (although not as bad as some people I've seen on here! I'm at about 22 in 16 years).

I've previously owned a 182 and at some stage later a 197 F1.

Eventually "upgraded" to a Lexus ISF which I kept for a mighty 3 years. However, a very recent house move required me to sell this to contribute additional funds to the house.

For the house move I bought a MK2 Honda CR-V which is my current car and has been superb for what I needed at the time. However, now that we're in, I'm back on the look out for another toy instead.

So now I'm in the "what is a cheap (circa £5k) fun car for the occasional commute to work but mainly for weekend blasts" conundrum, and that leads me back here.

I'm not sure if I'll end up in a 172/182/197/200 but I'm fairly set on the Clio platform again. There's a couple I've seen that interest me, so fingers crossed I'll be back in one very soon!


ClioSport Club Member
  Elise, Merc C180 Est
@Sir_Dave was selling a 197 a few days ago. Recaros and spoiler blah blah blah.
Well worth a look, I spent the afternoon working out how to hide a 197 in the neighbourhood. 👍
Well it didn't take me long to get another one, picked it up today.

The bodywork could do with a tidy up, but it drives really well.

I don't plan on any track action, it'll just be used as an occasional weekend toy and for the odd commute into the office.