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Back box won’t fit...

Bought a standard back box for my williams from reno and cant get to fit through the gap over the rear axle. The pattern part I had before came in two bits so why have they given me this, i cant believe they would have given me the wrong part as i gave them my oval plate code. is there a way of fitting this box without dropping the axle?

take it back and ask them, see what they say? maybe they only produce a one piece one now. - wouldnt bloody surprise me!
  Clio 1.6 16V

I presume you have jacked up the rear of the Clio off the ground so that the rear beam is lower? Has the torsion bar been adjusted to lower the car .....just a couple of suggestions?

Yeah i jacked it right up as far as my trolly jack would go, took the spare wheel off and a few other bits but still had no where near enough space to get it through. I thought it said in the haynes manual that these one piece boxes were fitted at factory from new and had to be cut to get them off and the new ones came in two pieces, Do renault expect you to drop the axle to fit the box! ? Ill phone them tomorrow to find out.

Phoned reno today and they said that they only list one part number for the box, so hes going to reorder it and see what turns up( hopefully a two piece!).

If they only sell the one piece rear boxes how do they expect you to fit it?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

if they do only do a 1 piece, thats really feckin stupid, as you DO have to cut the OE exhuast off, i had to on my RT

Apparently, the axle DOES have to be dropped to fit the back box...well thats what renault told me and charged me for. I wouldnt believe them, so they showed me on the computer screen. Still, i think there MUST be a simpler way to fit a back box somehow.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

The rear axle does not have to be removed to fit the back box. The car must be jacked right up and the spare wheel and CARRIER needs to be removed. Its best to have the vehicle as high off the ground as possible. Its a twist and turn procedure. It does fit, just a bugger to do on the floor, like almost impossible. Use a hoist/two post lift if poss.


BobRTE, did you try this method on your RT or on a williams? as mybe they have different size exhausts and a bit more space to get the pipe through. But the thought did cross my mind about jacking the car up more but came to the conclusion it wouldnt work, but seeing you say it does work ill give it a go. Do you think I can get the car high enough in the air with a trolly jack and axle stands?

Shiraz, If this is possible on the williams then youve been conned mate! as dropping the axle is quite costly espiecially by renault!!

Went into reno today and spoke to a technician and he told me it is possible to fit the 1 piece rear box without dropping the axle, but you have to put the car on a ramp so you can hold the exhaust vertical, and manouver it until its fits through the gap, this is the only position it will clear the axle.

Dont think theres much point in trying to jack it up myself as I dout Id get high enough.

I had the feeling at the time that they were telling me horse sh*t! Anyway, whether they dropped the axle or not they charged 1 hours labour to fit the back box.

Thats so crap... my 2002 renault I had to saw off the exhaust to put the new one on... I tried everything to get it off but honestly if you dont have one of those things where u can lift of the whole car I can see no way of doing it.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg


The car really needs to be on a 2 post lift. I would say it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it with a trolley jack on the floor.

The Renault time for fitting the rear silencer is 1 hour.

How long have you struggled trying to fit it?