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Ballast or igniter?

  clio sport 172
So last night I took the old xenons out and replaced them with a new pair of 6000k d2s, the problem I have now is the drivers side worked for a bit then started flickering now won't work! Any idea if it's the ballast or something else anyone, thanks for any info


North East
ClioSport Area Rep
This happend to mine. The best bet is to swap the lamps over. If it still doesnt work on that side, its your ballast, if not, your lamp.

The starters hardly ever go. Think the ballast only last about 2000 hours and thats it. :(



ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
Normally find with the ballast when they're not used for awhile they never hold charge again. Yours sounds more like a gammy bulb though
  clio sport 172
I hope it ain't the bulb only bought them brand new 2 days ago! It seemed to work when we fiddled with the ballast pack and went off when I put it back in, think I will buy a new ballast then if not that another bulb!