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Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

For all you people who go to Crail, dont race this car

Quoted power@wheels is 305bhp!!
Now taking into account that this is an impreza (Type RA, non STi!) and that its running on the standard internals and engine, has some uprated parts and does 3.5ish secs to 60mph!! (low 9 sec to 100MPH!!!!!) i wouldnt try racing it


The front entry to the std TD05 certainly works, with over 300lb-ft torque from 3700 to 6300 with a maximum of 345 lb-ft at 4600 there is real kick every time you shift up.

Now thats what you call midrange power


No not my car, its Andy Fs car (wrx type RA) and the BHP equates to around 390ish at the fly!
(that was rolling roaded with a high ambient temp day too!) so the cooler the quicker it will be


sorry to sound negative but id have to doubt those figures to times.
Dont know the weight of the car, but Ive been drag racing for a couple of years and never seen an Imprezza get anywhere near to those times. Never seen one gettin low 12s let alone low 11s.
Now if capt Slarty (sorry if got your handle wrong) can prove it with his weight to power figures Ill shut up and eat my words.
You can get 280 out of an Imprezza just by changing filter and exhaust, and then they run in the high 14 to low 15,s, so 305 bhp aint much more, unless it is down to gearing, but more info on car needed.
Please supply said info cause genuinly interested (read worried ) some pics (or links to) would be nice.

Ah one none believer
well CraigHs sti5 use to kick cossie ass at the mag shoots (pushing nearly 400bhp) with 11 sec 1/4 mile runs
(its in revs, the cossie/scoob shootout)
This Type RA is owned by an ex cossie owner and these figures are backed up, it holds one of the quickest runs at crail, even if im not mistaken beating the 500bhp cossie that ran there (time wise).
What you also have to mention is that even my lowly 250bhp scoob did a sub 14 1/4mile (uk car) so with a type RA (close ratio gears) 11 secs is achievable but top end is limited to about 140mph.
The graph is posted on scoobynet under drivetrain (something like... is 305bhp good on the standard ecu?)

  FRST and 106 GTi

its kind of hard to belive... the std turbo???

To get the impreza to 280bhp you have to change a LOT!!! now, using the std ecu and turbo and achive higher than that? hum... weird

Here we have some imprezas really tuned. Two of them are at 320bhp mark. A lot was done... head work, STi and HKS mods, etc etc...
One of them is being fit a 22B engine changed to 2.4lts. The expectation is 450bhp mark... will shall see.

what engine has the uk impreza WRX Ra? is yours impreza STi Type-R???

Its not a uk car its a jap import
Mine is a uk car pushing around 260bhp
This car is an early example (poss 94/95) so it would possably come with a close deck block (stronger engine so can handle more boost) and the TD05 turbo is BIG! so it can handle good power and is very reliable.
Early UK cars use to use this turbo, there are a few (Rich Wilds) that pushing 340bhp for less than 2ks worth of modifications!
The Type RA (non STI) is a light car anyway, stripped out in standard form for Rallying (thus RA meaning Rally Approved) and loosing upto 100kg on the normal WRXs.
These cars also have a close ratiod gearbox so giving them rather quick accelleration but having a limited top speed of around 140mph.
There is a Type RA V-Limited (MY00 for non STi) or an STi veriant of the above, they have the short first 4 gears of the RA and then the standard 5th gear of the normal STi making them very quick to 100mph but having a longer less painful cruising gear for motorway driving


Should say that the engine used on this car is the standard 1994cc engine, no internal mods to it.


I believe you TB1 I think Ive read about this car before. I wish people would read before posted 305 Bhp isnt much more than 280Bhp hehe, like you pointed out it was 305Bhp at the wheels not at the fly. And the fact that the Jap scoobs start with 280Bhp.


Well all i can say is hes spent less on this car than that kid with his s/cd saxo with 4pots (on 15inch wheels?!) and got over double the BHP