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Beat a VTS today!

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

If i said it was a she does it make sense. ;)

She booted it in second & i managed to close in up to the inside of her from 2 car lengths back! I know a VTS is quicker off the mark due to power deliverly and low down torque (so high revs can be avoided to jump off the line like in small engined Mk1 Clios), but with a perfect start which is harder to achieve in the valver and into the power band the 16v does not let me down. :cool:

Are you sure, or is this thred going to turn out to be my car can beat your car
again the vts is a quick car but not to be hailed top dog
besides dont fancy crashing in one they are made from wafer thin metal
i have seen a few crashes and they come out to good

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Quote: Originally posted by dash on 22 March 2003

No it still dont make sense. Nothing on this planet can beat a VTS.
Somethin tells me ur either being sarcastic or REALLY dont know a lot about quick cars. The VTS & 16v play in the third devision mate. CTRs & 172s play in the second and Scooby Turbos, Pulsars, Cossies play in the first. The premier is EVOs, 22Bs, Skylines, Lotus Carltons!

A Williams will beat it under any curcumstances and a decent Valver on a straight like i was, can obviously beat it when a girl is quick shifting!

na dash knows nothin about fast cars. hes so embarrased on what he drives, he just puts "clio" in his car id bit.. see.. ;)

LOL nice one.

Mikey, you shouldnt have too much trouble eating VTS. My Willy2 doesnt even break a sweat....even before it was chipped.

  mk2 172

Quote: Originally posted by ReNWiLL on 22 March 2003

LOL nice one.

Mikey, you shouldnt have too much trouble eating VTS. My Willy2 doesnt even break a sweat....even before it was chipped.

how very wrong, iv never been beat by a 16v in the vts. let me see

adis 1.8

clio 16v boy

clio 16v boys mate

level power with clio 16v boys recent tuned willy engine conversion

the stage 2 16v have yet to get near my standard 1/4 mile time

level with rhys de-catted williams

sure i raced another valver too.

but a 16v shouldnt have too much trouble getting away. LMAO
  320d M Sport

craggys VTS is faster than the Valvers near me, i know cos one tried it on with me the other night, pulled away easier than i pulled away from his VTS

Guess the ones I have toyed with have been driven badly then or its a case of nova syndrome....every car I own IS the faster on earth ?....Now time to take on a cossie in My wifes 1.0 Micra....oh please.


Renwill - please tell me Ive misunderstood your post - the difference between Willy & VTS is not the same as the difference between a Cossie and a Micra. Please!!! If you really think that you are dreaming!
  clio 20v

lol deja vu havent we had this argument over the vts lots of times

i think craggys is definately a quick one, i raced one 2 weeks ago and pulled away even with me 3 up too and my mates 106gti is a lot nearer too me than that was

im also thinkin cars defo need to be caned regularly from new to acheive good power

i didnt believe a vts was that fast till i seen craggys go you cant argue with the facts there quik little fukers, but i dont think there all quik as f**k your gonna get a few slow ones

  clio williams, Ph1 172

I drove a 106 gti today. same engine as a VTS and basically same car. Not that impressed to be honest. Didnt have as much poke as my pretty standard valver. seemed to be revving a lot too in fifth. Nice car but no way as fast as a 16v. Christ the engines tight under that bonnet too!
  clio 20v

yeh sold me engine today to the man with the shiny clean valver, gonna get some of me savings out and borrow a few quid off me mate

also sold clocks and zorst, so going to look at matbrowns next sat with jon

ive become an internet bum since having no car i cant scalp nuthin in me van hehe, u not on msn mate


Stuffed a few VTSs in my last car and my Willie aint much slower. Its defo quicker than the 2 VTSs I had chases with. No corners just straight acceleration. But the one thing I would say with 16vs is it all depends on changing gear at the correct time for maximum acceleration - its a lot harder than in a Turbo. Im getting better with changing gear in my Willie but that mailto:bl@@dy">bl@@dy rev limiter is far too low!!

Carlos - Hillpower chip to sort out the rev limiter, maybe? Im going to have a go with Craggys Hill Power chip tomorrow hopefully.... :)

I looks forward to the results - I have never hit a rev limiter before the Willie (now 3 times) - its moves so quickly from 5000 rpm to the 6500 that you barely get a chance to change gear!:)
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

So standard & on a straight regardless of driver. Whatl it be; 16v or VTS? I think a STANDARD VTS will beat a STANDARD 16v slightly but a Willy should have an edge!

I know id own a 16v over a VTS anyday but the Willy IS quicker isnt it?

Stats say that were all equal to 60 but in practice both the VTS and Willy get there in around 7.2 (so ive heard) whereas it takes something special to fall below 7.7 in a 16v! Or maybe my PiperX IK & Scorpion exhaust actually reduce 0-60 times. Whats the TRUTH?
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Well mine has just got a backbox and a filter, decat too. mine had 147bhp on the rollers. I dunno how much difference it makes but the decat seemed to make it pull a lot better.

My Williams will hit 60mph in 7 seconds dead, and Im pretty much even with Craggys VTS on the flat until 90/100. Conclusion has to be that the VTS can hit 60 in about the same time as the Willy and that time is around about 7 seconds...

However, I must say that I did seem to have a noticable advantage when going up hills. Oh yeah, the Willy can go round corners using just the one side of the road ;).